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I thought we were supposed to the weird ones?

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The world we live on is stunningly beautiful and sometimes incredible to the point where it seems quite alien. But it's not alien, it's ours and if it seems alien at times it's because we don't stop and open our eyes and look at it. All of it. We miss so much rushing past, deep in our own little bits of world, not looking and assuming our little bit is how the world is. Here's a chance to stop and look if you'll take it.

The Sun beaming its rays down upon foliage.

A Chance... see through Willem the U168712's eyes, here in the first post of one of his journals, some of the weird and wonderful plants from his back yard. Well not quite his back yard but he'd like it to be. How can anyone close their eyes to Spiny Elephant's Feet, Star Chestnuts and Impala Lilies? Perhaps the weirdest thing of all is that we do and that these fellow inhabitants of our planet are unknown to most of us. Here's a taster "This plant is extremely hard to characterise. Is it a tree? A shrub? It simply doesn't conform to the image of any particular general sort of 'plant' one might visualise. In my own mind, what it looks like, is a gigantic Medusa's Head that is buried so that only the top of it - above the eyebrows - sticks out above ground." Hungry for weird and wonderful? There's no need to look any further than our own Earth.

Clouds in the sky live with U179495 a reminder of what it's like when the sun goes out in daylight and the relief, despite our oh so knowing and modernly scientific minds, when it comes back again. Another taster; "A fat, growing crescent stands on an end, the moon exiting rapidly to the right. The light is brighter, birds are picking up their song once more, and fat Olive Thrushes have resumed their dog-dish raids.".

A lithops - a 'stone' blooming with flowers.

Chances are there'll be other chances but you never know when the next chance'll be. Take your chances friends.

A wall of bamboo

This week's CAC Continuum was selected from the undergrowth of h2g2 by Waz in the never ending search for gems for the UG
(while bunking out of the Alternative Writing Workshop ).

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