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Meteor help

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Jimi X

Please sign-up here if you would like to help with the research for this entry or if you've got any comments about meteors or meteor showers.

Thanks! smiley - smiley

- X

Meteor help

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Jimi X

C'mon, anybody?

Meteor help

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Jimi X

OK. Since nobody stepped forward yet, I've gone ahead and written the first draft.

Anyone have any comments?

Meteor help

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It is good smiley - smiley Just something I remember reading (and will have to verify) but, on an ordinary night, there are more meteors before midnight than there are after smiley - smiley Also once they reach the ground I think they become meteorites smiley - smiley Until later.....
BCNU - Crescent

Meteor help

Post 5

Jimi X

Actually, I'm pretty sure it's after midnight when more meteors can be seen.

But good point about Meteorites.... Should I add a bit explaining that a meteor in space is a meteoroid, a flash in the sky is a meteor and one that hits the ground is a meteorite?

Did you have anything to add?


- Jim

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