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"Boohbah" is a kid's TV show made by Ragdoll Productions that sometimes scares adults. The Boohbahs are the main characters of the show, and are chubby, multicolored things that light up, retract their heads, make noises that sound very much like farts, and fly around. The Boohbah's names are:
Humbah (yellow)
Zumbah (purple)
Zing Zing Zingbah (orange)
Jumbah (blue)
Jingbah (pink)
They live in a giant white, glowing ball called the Boohball that seems to appear anywhere when called.

The Storypeople
The Storypeople are a diverse, family-like, group of people who accept presents from children and act out a little play about it. They don't speak, except for the little dog who goes "arf".

"Boohbah" can be seen on PBS Kids in America, but I wouldn't reccomend watching it.

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