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<font size="-2.25">As of December 31st, 2007 ...</font>

<P><font size ="+1.25" color="red">
Today is the first day of the BEST of your life<br/>
Stay true to yourself and enjoy it<BR/></font>
<font size="-2.00">(a personal sentiment)</font></P>

<font size="+1.50" color="0066ff">Welcome<BR/> </font>
<font size="+1.50" color="6600ff"><viewer/><BR/> </font>

I once played a <LINK H2G2="A2460133">'character'</LINK>, but am now simply myself,<BR/><BR/>
<B><font size="+2.00" FACE="Times New Roman">Nick</font> </B> </CENTER><BR/>
<CENTER>The 'Official' <LINK H2G2="A441596">Keeper</LINK> of Faint Hopes</CENTER><BR/>

<P>I am <LINK HREF="" POPUP="1">Canadian</LINK>, (one of <LINK HREF="A1037323">many</LINK> here,) in my later <LINK H2G2="A489495">40's</LINK>, and in the 21st year of my 2nd marriage. My only child, a sweet little girl from a first marriage, has also made me the very proud "Poppy" of 4 delightful grand-kids. I served in our military for 21 years. Before that, I was essentially a farm lad and the son of a general contractor. (Plumbing, heating, electrical, carpentry, ...) I might appear to some as a bit rough around the edges, even brutally blunt at times. Please, don't let that put you off at all. Have a seat, choose a relaxing or refreshing beverage, and let's just visit for a while.</P>

<CENTER><font size="+0.75"><B>Miscellaneous Stuff</B></font></CENTER>

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<TR><TD ALIGN="CENTER"><SMALL>Mascot of the<BR/><LINK H2G2="A12467342">h2g2 Pet Adoption Agency</LINK></SMALL>
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<CENTER>My Alter-Ego Lives <IMG SRC="/h2g2/skins/brunel/images/online.gif" BORDER="0" /><LINK H2G2="A3029555">Here</LINK><BR/><BR/>

<CENTER>For any 'fundamentalist' atheists or religionists to ponder:<BR/>
'Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence'<BR/>
(Carl Sagan)<BR/><BR/>

Atheism may be a result of personal rationalizations,<BR/>
but blind hatred is simple stupidity.<BR/>
(Another personal perspective)<BR/><BR/></CENTER>

<FONT Color="blue">Mathematically, my Researcher number becomes<BR/>
( 9 * 0 ) - ( 3 * 5 - 57 ) = 42</FONT><BR/><BR/>

Occassionally I may have a <B><I><LINK HREF="" POPUP="2">photo</LINK></I></B> or two, of my world, to share.<BR/><BR/>

<FONT Color="brown">If you wish to call on me, please feel free to<BR/>use the postage-paid envelope.</FONT></CENTER>

<CENTER><LINK HREF="mailto:[email protected]"><FONT COLOR="black" SIZE="+28" FACE="wingdings">+</FONT></LINK></CENTER>

<CENTER><P><I><FONT Color="purple" FACE="Times New Roman">The links below are ones that I find to be useful.<BR/>
Feel free to replicate them to your own PS. </FONT></I></P></CENTER>

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<LINK H2G2="F77636?showthread=3515584">Announcements</LINK>
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<LINK H2G2="F19585">Ask h2g2</LINK>
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<LINK H2G2="A293195">Birthdays</LINK>
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<LINK H2G2="A3332233">Calendar</LINK>
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<LINK H2G2="comingup">Coming Up</LINK><BR/>
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<LINK H2G2="RandomEditedEntry">Edited</LINK>
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<LINK H2G2="Info?cmd=conv&amp;show=35">Info Page</LINK>
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<LINK H2G2="F16034">Misc Chat</LINK>
<SMILEY TYPE="space"/><SMILEY TYPE="space"/><SMILEY TYPE="space"/>
<LINK H2G2="A692903">Pages</LINK><BR/>
<LINK H2G2="A15846438">Photogs</LINK>
<SMILEY TYPE="space"/><SMILEY TYPE="space"/><SMILEY TYPE="space"/>
<LINK H2G2="F2124165">SEx Forum</LINK>
<SMILEY TYPE="space"/><SMILEY TYPE="space"/><SMILEY TYPE="space"/>
<LINK H2G2="RandomEntry">Stuff</LINK>
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<LINK H2G2="F135418">The Forum</LINK>
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