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Does anyone else here feel that this site is a little too nationalistic for its nature? Yes I can tell that the bbc hosts this site but I feel like all the entries seem to be very English-centered. Even the entries that are about the US seem to be written in the attitude of "hmm, yes look over there at what those Americans are doing"
I may have heard of this fire once before in my life, I think I will write an entry on the white house fire because that is something that I have heard of.
Any other Yankees who think that any conversation entitled "What is your favourite sweet: mine is the red jelly bean" is a joke and who frequent this site and want to say "hi", my sn is vtconley.

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I'm not really here

As a public service broadcaster the BBC is aimed at the licence-fee paying public - the vast majority of the fee-paying public is in Britain, so of course it's going to have a lot of content that is related to Britain - although as h2g2 is mostly written by the people who use it there's loads of stuff about other nations here as well.

At the moment there is an entry on the events of 11th September in Peer Review (written by an American), and there are categories filled to the rafters with content about America. Have a look at these - C780, C80 and C47 to name but a few.

Remember that the Guide is written by the people who use it, so the best way to make it more to your liking is to write entries that you like and get them into the Edited Guide.

I'll be interested to see what you think. smiley - smiley

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