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'Not again!' cried Christian as another warp opened under his feet.

This happened to him at least once a day and, of course, that meant he lived in not only another place, but, also another time. Each day it had been happening.

It was about month ago since some magician named Xarin, from another dimension, cast a spell on Christian to grant a wish he had made.

'Xarin!' Yelled Christian.

Christian’s voice went through the warp to where Xarin was travelling, and rang through his mind as he slept. Xarin stood up and made Christian freeze in mid-warp, then warped himself to Christian.

'What’s wrong?'

'I give up! You were right this isn’t fun anymore, Xarin!'

'Well my Magician's Code allows you to change your wish once, but only once. So what do you wish for? Remember, just like the genies of your tales, I may not grant wishes of love, death, or more wishes. Also once the wish begins you will not have a second chance to end it.'

'I wish life would just change back to normal,' said Christian finally. 'so I may see my family and friends, and just be with them again'

'Ok if that’s what you wish.... When I’m done you will wake up like this was all a dream. And will probably think it was a dream too, except for one special item that I am giving you as a gift. You will probably never see me like this again, but watch out, remember there was a reason I was allowed to grant you a wish. That reason keeps me watching you constantly so I could be anyone, just keep an eye out.'

Xarin teleported them both back. Christian woke up, his vision now blurred. He spotted some glasses on his table, he put them on and saw clearly except for an odd sparkle in the air.

Christian followed the sparkle to his front door and saw that it led outside. He took off his glasses for a bit to see the sparkle gone.

He put his glasses back on, then looked outside to see the sparkles lead to his tree. But, for five years he never had the courage to climb the tree.

At the age of 19 years, Christian finally climbed the tree. He found inside a dagger that could only be seen with his glasses. Tied to it was a note:

'Dear Christian, sorry I may not do more for you. This dagger will help you in your upcoming quest. You have been put under a spell that will not allow you to come here for five years, but fortunately until then, thanks to your glasses, you may see all magic in your world. This dagger holds many mysteries keep it safe.'

The letter dissolved into particles of dust that blew away in the wind, and Christian returned to his room to begin his quest....

Electric Ball

In Another Warp

'I wish I could be the richest person in my world.' Said Christian.

Xarin frowned. 'Okay. When you return you will wake up in your mansion as the world's richest man at the age of only 14...'

Christian woke up in a huge bed, only to be disturbed by his valet saying that he had a lot of paperwork to do today. That he'd better hurry up and let himself be dressed.

Christian was disturbed as the old valet gave him a sponge bath! Then after dressing him, hurriedly followed him into a large office with three, meter high, stacks of papers.

'I shall leave you to your work, sir.' said the valet.

Christian lived out the rest of his days, becoming more and more miserable as he signed his life away. Until, at the age of 18 years, he died from measles.

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