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Ballade of Oscar

This time each year, the PR machine cranks

Into high gear. The media collude

And journalists, as thick as two short planks

Get dizzy when they meet Brad, George, or Jude.

For once the thrusting cameras don't intrude.

The actors gladly tackle the phalanx

Hunter and hunted brusquely pause their feud.

I wish someone would simply just say 'Thanks'.

Some winners act like they should be on tranqs,

(I know that naming names is rather rude

But yes, it's Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Hanks

Who fame as nut and sober have accrued.)

Then reaching out, with pious attitude,

To viewers who speak Chinese, German, Manx

They spew out every detail of their mood.

I wish someone would simply just say 'Thanks'.

Gold statuettes put money into banks

So winning is with gravitas imbued.

But then again, if your poor movie tanks

It may well by the voters be eschewed.

I often want to shout out something crude.

When standard speeches - just fill in the blanks! -

Come from each undeserving chick and dude,

I wish someone would simply just say 'Thanks'.

O Prince of movies, when the waiting brood

Of filmmakers (some foreign, mostly Yanks)

Find their time's come to express gratitude,

I wish someone would simply just say 'Thanks'.

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