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Any possibility of turning String Theory into a religion?

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Any possibility of turning String Theory into a religion?

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Any possibility of turning String Theory into a religion?

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A highly interesting article. I've not had time yet to read it and research in detail and will be returning to it. First reflections:

A variation on "strings", they can be viewed as strings of elementary quanta taken as discreet particles, with two momentum-like bonding sites, one positive and one negative and eight spin-like bonding sites, alternately left and right handed, but only room for four elementary quanta to bond in a spin-like mode at a time, always in the same left or right orientation, a quantum of momentum having the same elementary quantum equivalency as a half unit of spin. Developments on this model gave rise to the N-branes model that produced a result convergent on the relativistic black hole model back in the middle 1990s.

Apparently, elementary particles do not manifest as such unless they combine spin and momentum in ratios like 1/2 to 1 (neutrinos and antineutrinos), 2(1/2) to 1 (photons) or 4(1/2) to 1 (gravitons) or in higher order combinations.

An effort to create a theory of "everything" in inductive order from the characteristics of the elementary quantum may be slow to produce verifiable results since the initial models are so far below the molar level as to be in the range of undeterminabilty and is a difficult test of reasoning.

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