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my girlfriend + alcohol = baaaad news ....reasons... she gets friendly with strangers, and i have had "intervene" as male strangers have misinterpreted her intentions, she gets very emotional, she takes everything i say the wrong way, we always end up arguing due to this,

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yet.....still...i love her to bits and wouldnt change her for the world, ....*cringes as he reminds himself that things could go down hill as she's going to be moving in soon....then kinda smiles ashe realises things arent/cant be that bad between us as she said that she'll marry me!!!* smiley - loveblushsmiley - bubblysmiley - biggrinsmiley - coolsmiley - cheerupsmiley - runsmiley - magicsmiley - chocsmiley - teasmiley - cakesmiley - blush

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Finally it's weekend(as soon as this shcoolday is over anyway...)!
That means paintball, booze, beer, drunk chicks and Heavy Metal!!!!!
This has been a great week(due to my shiving that is). I really have to stop shiving school this much! B***y H*** I need a smiley - bubbly. I'm so bored.
Just sitting at my computer station in school. god I hate economics(even do I'm not doing anything...smiley - biggrin). I h8e working on computers.

I'm sitting here thinking of nothing else than metal.
I wish I was home listening to Manowar - "Kings of Metal".

'ave a great weekend! smiley - cheers

The Best Metal Band

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The Iron Maiden

Heh. I flunked my A-levels but can still go to University smiley - biggrin so I think I will!

(congrats with your g/friend hill dude)

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