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A king of Essex, a Master Bluesman, an undiscovered genius, the silent engima of the Mancunian darkness and although blessed with the name of the Saint of Drunkards and waywardsmen hold a critical eye that casts fear into publicans. See The Manchester Pub Cup and my homepage for details

Fellow of The Random Quote Guild

Possible member of The Philosophers guild (as soon as they get there arse in gear as Ive been waiting for months !)

Turner of Egg-Timers for the H2H2 Society of Time Travellers. I also have an office The Egg Timers Box where sometimes I can be found.

Time Travellers' badgeMusicians' Guild Member

Now a Scout, see funky badge. Instead of typing this I should be lurking in Peer Review

Finally got round to doing a H2G2 code block, so mavel at what is below

Version: 1.1
RGB Y+ N+++ SA+(G-) A+ P L- M+(--) s V++ E+ PR++ p+++ a- B++ TV+ r++ D T— nh- C+ m-(+) t
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

TJM notes that the H2G2code looked better in preview

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