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As a veteran visual and literary artist, who has, over time, sacrificed family and friends, and people of influence, to express -- well, outline, perhaps -- a philosophy that honours the woman-child-man relationship -- admittedly, reversely, to begin with -- I find myself, and all that I've done and endeavoured to do, obsolete.
The qualities of integrity, fundamental decency, the sense of glory and optimism, the majesty of music, painting, sculpture and poetry that, in my distant youthfulness, inspired me, have gone. It's that simple, and tragic. All that has gone.
Discord. Unholy noise. Sensationalistic expressions in the visual arts, childlike confessions in literature, loads of academic nonsense and stupidity from a host of individuals who could never have passed matriculation in a British grammar school.
Right, then. I am three score and ten, plus five, striving to pick up speed for the home stretch.
And what I am seeking, at this late stage, is someone, in the arts -- immersed in the arts -- to reassure me that I haven't screwed up the lives of people I cared about, and my own.

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The Arts

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