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Oh Yeah, bring it on....

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MadHamish : Off in the real world!

I 'MadHamish' Wealthy gadabout, socialite, and confidant to the rich and famous, wish to offer my services to your wondefully spiteful organization. I offer financial assistance, unlimited information on the rich and famous (both political and otherwise), and a small trained army of suit wearing gorilla's, not to mention the fact that I myself, can kill a man with my bare hands in 2 seconds. My home base is somewhere in the sub-tropical forests of South East Australia. If I can be of any assistanceand wish to add a wealthy, slightly vengeful benefactor to you rank & file, just let me know.

(Unstable man with very large resources)

Oh Yeah, bring it on....

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MadHamish : Off in the real world!

Hey! Are there actually any evil bastards out there, or is this a ploy by the 'fuzz' to lure unsuspecting evil dooers to their doom?

(Waiting for the axe to fall)

The axe has fallen!

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NuclearConfusion -Not a lot of money in the revenge business

Greetings. I see you are all about world domination. I also disagree with the brush-off you received at the hands of these short-sighted fools. So how about showing them by taking your rightful place, A2036611, as a Master of the Multi-verse!

But be warned, if you are not with us you are against us!

The axe has fallen!

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I want IN! Now! Don't make me use my feminine wiles on you! Please? I'm very evil! I have a shiny smiley - spork which I can stick 'twixt ribs in seconds!

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