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Upcoming and Proposed Meets

The Scottish Meet

Possible dates for an upcoming meet have been discussed over at The Scottish Researchers Group. It looks as if this will be held on the 6th November and involve bowling followed by imbibing at a local hostelry. For more information visit the
Scottish Meet thread.

The Dutch Meet 2004

This has now been set to take place on the 25th-28th November 2004. Accomodation is going fast and suggested activities include a trip to Amsterdam for an exhibition, an evening at Het Kasteel and another at Kwatro - with, possibly, a surprise thrown in. Read all about it here:
Dutch Meet 2004

Unofficial London Christmas Party January 2005

Discussions are already underway and mooted dates are Saturday the 8th, 15th or 29th of January 2005. Nip along to this thread to express your preference.

If you can manage any of these dates then go straight to the sign-up thread or visit the Meet Page to contribute to the lively 'what shall we do' discussions.

Unofficial Spring Meet 2005

An unofficial Spring Meet 2005 is being discussed, possibly in Blackpool, possibly in April:
Spring Meet 2005


For those of you not already aware, for the past two years there has been a memorial lecture held at the Royal Institute in London, on Douglas' birthday. There is to be a third lecture in 2005, to be held on 10th March, which is an event you should not miss. This event, which commemorates Douglas' work and wider interests, also directly benefits the wildlife charities of which he was patron.

Further info can be found at A3009142

Halloween is fast approaching and this year we want your ideas for costumes, make-up, food and even Halloween-themed party games, so come on and have your say in this week's Talking Point!


Stretch your brain and help us keep the Guide up-to-date by adopting and breathing life into an old entry. If you want to know more, head on over to the Update Forum for detailed instructions on what to do next.


I, Toy Box, am going to defend my thesis at last!

The day is the 3rd of December. Anybody willing to attend is most welcome - and
don't forget Reims is the city of smiley - bubbly!


The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy radio series continues. Remember that you can always catch up with the latest episode using the 'Listen again' service.

Don't miss the live webchat with director Dirk Maggs on Tuesday October 26th at 7.00 pm BST!

You can also take part in the Picture Competition or the Guide Entry Competition (open for UK residents only) or even play the good old Hitchhiker's Guide Adventure Game written by DNA himself! Read more about it on the Radio 4 site.


Do you sometimes feel like you are missing out? That there must be a really interesting thread somewhere onsite, but you just can't find it? Well, The Thread of The Day aims to bring you the most interesting, entertaining, or controversial thread of the day as well as a few typical sources of entertainment.

Service provided by U201647.


Not 'Done' yet!

Neil Diamond's 'Done Too Soon' consists of a list of people throughout history that died in the prime of life, either being killed while still very young (comparatively) or after having made a significant contribution to the progression of history. The lyrics include 25 names and it was my thought that we could write a small biography for each. You still have a chance to contribute to this project!
The 'Done Too Soon' Project is orchestrated by broelan

New Clubs

The Terranic Army - The Legend Returns is a redevelopment of the old Terranic Army.

Sergeant Major: U201249


The Cussing Club is a place where you can let off some steam to releave yourself of stress, without anyone taking you too seriously. Cussers-in-charge are U200300 and U228615


Flat Cap & Muffler Sports & Social Club
is not really a new club but felt it needed to remind you all of its existence. Established for all researchers based north of Watford Gap or with links to this area. Fully equipped with its own bar and personal space badge! For more information follow the link or contact U140245


The h2g2 Researchers' Birthday Pages is a service for those who have trouble remembering the birthdays of their h2g2 friends' birthdays. S Do you want them to remember yours? Add your name to the list! Service provided by U135628


WOTeva is a newsletter for teens created by teens.
U628768 is looking for help with the newsletter - why not drop by and contribute with your ideas?


Cal's Alien Health Farm

A beautiful relaxing place set in the breathtaking H2G2 mountain range.

Director of health and fitness is Cal Fortuneswell.


Spaceballs Appreciation Society

A society of people who like the movie Spaceballs.

Lord Dark Helmet - or possibly President Skroob is SuperMoo. May the schwartz be with you.


The FREAK Association

Friendly Rebellious Enigmas Against Konformity unite! A place for all oddballs, weirdos, alternative dressers, and general alternative people to meet, catch a drink at the bar and even discuss the finer things in life. Membership comes complete with a nice, shiny title.

FREAK-in-Chief is Existential Elevator



The Post Links Page points you towards the best of h2g2. Everything from information and campaigns to eating and drinking venues, virtual lands or clubs.

The Post Archives are a repository for all things Post related. Divided into easy-to-use categories, they get bigger at a frightening pace. Well worth a visit, whether to re-read a favourite article or catch up on something you missed.


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