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H2g2's Calling

H2G2's calling. You can hear it, too, can't you?
H2G2's calling. What for shall we do?
Logging on is so easy but I must resist
H2G2 addiction. I'm lost within its mist.

H2g2's calling. Oh help me please
Its only been 12 hours and I'm falling to my knees.
H2g2's here. It's waiting, come log in.
It really is so tempting, please say it's not a sin.

H2G2's better than these beans on toast.
H2g2's real brain food. I miss it the most.
I need my h2g2. The backlog knows my name.
Oh, without h2g2, my life is not the same.

H2g2's calling. It's running through my head.
Oh h2g2's calling as I lie alone in bed.
I just can't escape it
It has me in its claws.
Oh yes its safe to say I'm suffering from withdrawal.

H2g2's here. I come, oh yes I do give in.
H2g2 wait for me. I know it was a sin
To give up h2g2 as my Lenten vow.
But oh, h2g2, I do regret it now.

Ahh, my computer, and what do we have here?
An Internet connection is nothing to be feared.
I run to my web browser and type in the page.
Oh wait, my h2g2, I am calling out in pain.

'Error 504' - it seems to be taunting me.
Oh, my h2g2, you were like family.
I never should have left youNot for any price
Oh please, dear h2g,2 can't you hear my cries?

Server not responding, please try again.
Alas, dear h2g2, it's just not the same.
You do seem to mock me in my time of need.
Oh please, dearest h2g2, give my addiction a feed.

The backlog's out to get me.
After hours of errors it seems
That dear h2g2 thinks it can do all it deems.
Why is it out to get me?
Was I the only one?
Was my h2g2 out to have some fun?

Oh I do regret
Leaving it behind.
Never again shall I toss it to the side.
On my knees I grovel, will the backlog disappear?
Alas not. Oh well, it gives me something new to fear.

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