A Conversation for Talking Point: Has Reality TV Gone Too Far?

Lessons on how not to behave

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Val( Patron Saint Of Chorley )

Thats what these shows teach us.
Although i would never put me or my family forward for any of them, i do think the people who do get locked up in a house, thrown in a jungle etc deserve all they get,cos the DID sign on the dotted line did`nt they? but god! are`nt they brave.
I`ll say one thing though, it shows us humans at our worst, fighting, name calling to name two and hopefully we`ll learn from it, cos i think "do i look like that when i`m (a) drunk,(b)having a row, (3)or just in a plain old bad mood!"
The answers probably YES cos i am human after all.

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Lessons on how not to behave

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