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As time ships go the TARDIS is a remarkable specimen. Of course there are no such things as time ships (to the best of our knowledge), so to what does this entry refer? It of course refers to the time machine owned by The Doctor, in the television series Doctor Who.

Lets go on a journey, and discover what is this magnificent machine known to the universe as the TARDIS...

Oh, think, not as you or I do, but it must be able to think as a machine...

The TARDIS, as we know it, is the Doctor's time craft, which can take him to any time or any place within this Universe (and sometimes other universes). A quite remarkable machine. It is currently the last of its kind, for it once belonged to a fleet of the machines. In fact the TARDIS that the Doctor owns wasn't originally his, in his own words he'd obtained it "on a finders keepers basis" - though the Doctor belonged to a remarkable race of humanoids called the Time Lords, who inhabited the planet Gallifrey.

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