A Salient Lesson

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In the beginning ...there was work.

Not content with this phenomena, men doth make machines.

Men doth like their machines so much they continued to make more machines , then electronics.

Thus did the pace of change escalate.

And with change the twin horsemen of restructuring and redundancy were unleashed

And much change did come upon the suffering workforce

But lo...unto the unsuspecting workforce a new plague has been visited.

This new plague is called computerisation or Information Technology.

Upon it's back rests the IT department and contracted IT support.

And those ,whose job should be to help the workers,

do so plague the unsuspecting minions, with glitches , bugs, and re-imaging to astound and confuse.

They doth speak in gibberish.... where once "Desktop" was where you rest your coffee mug now it bespeaks of the picture on the screen when you turn your computer on.

They mock and decry the feeble efforts of the poor untrained "dumb-a^%$$## users"

And jealously doth they restrict the "users" with Internet Managers , Firewalls and restricted access.

They claim these "users " are too inept to be given free access to the wonders of this Technology and lock down their desktops with unmerciless zeal.

With glib tongue and much techno-jargon do they confuse the Management - who are "dumb-a$%[email protected]# users " of the highest order

And so they maintain their power base and many more IT consultants come to feed rapiciously at the Corporate Trough...

But lo... I say unto you ... beware!
Beware the Revenge of the [email protected]# User.

For these "users" comprise the work-force that doth achieve the corporate outcome

And from such outcome comes the $$$ that fill the Corporate Trough

And without such filling, doth the Corporate Trough run dry and the IT consultants shall starve.

For every action shall there be a reaction for the "users" are learning fast.

There shall come to be accountability for those IT projects.

For even now, the "users" do mock back, " Tis an IT project - therefore double the time and triple the cost"

No longer shall "users" accept the server crashes and the building of great Firewalls that are so secure they keep the customers out...
Nor the diversion of half the requests to a server which the Network managers have yet to purchase and configure but forgot to tell the Software Development section in time to prevent half the customer requests disappearing into the ether.

For the "users" can now log the lost worktime due to server failures.

The "users" can read the service agreements and report on failure to comply with resolution times

And lo and behold ... some "users" are even writing helpful documentation in common English to assist other "users"...

For thou hast sown the seeds of ye own reckoning

Before computers came people, and with computers come ...people... aka "users"

And thou hast "hyped" mightily that thy services will make the "users" more efficient and more productive.

And by ye own hype shall the "users" judge

They shall expect service...

Disgruntled user : "But isn't an IT support department suppose to help the users?"

IT support manager: * laughs* "That's like expecting a politician to be servicing the needs of the people."

Disgruntled user: " Hmmm... but we get a chance to change our politicians if they aren't any good every four years.... how long has your service contract got to run ?"

There's been much said on H2G2 on the subject so please check out the excellent referenced articles for a lighthearted look at both sides.....

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