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Can no longer log on with old username

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[I've noticed that the last topic dealing with this is over four years old, and thus assume the information is no longer valid. I'm hoping that there are actually people still making the rounds in this forum.]

I was formerly Farlander (U206300), though I went on a four-year hiatus starting 2006 (but last logged in in 2008). Recently, I attempted to log back into my account, only to be told that my username or password was not valid. Believe me when I say that I tried just about every combination of username/email/password I could come up with based on my email and password records dating back to 2002-2006 - all to no avail. [Unfortunately, a couple of the email accounts I had back then are no longer active, so I have no way of knowing if my login failure has anything to do with that.] More than a little upsetting, really. And one I might have compounded by registering for a BBCi account under the same name. >.<

I was wondering if there was any way at all I might be able to recover my old account? Any help anyone can offer would be most happily appreciated.


Can no longer log on with old username

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Probably not much that can be done, see F77636?thread=7218049&show=1

smiley - erm

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Can no longer log on with old username

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