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hair styles

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Dooran (AKA: Lrrr from Omicron Persei 8) A.R.M.Y member, also confused by the consept of "wuv"

What you say is so true, everyone does seem to strive for that "golden doo" as you put it soo elegantly. But it seems to me that girls will never find their so called "golden doo" because they are always changing their mind about what they want in life. And if you where to ask a girl what she wanted in life odds are she would say "everything."

But ya what you say is true life is about our hair styles haha.smiley - cool

hair styles

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Ah, but aren't girls always changing their hairstyles also? I think they're always changing what they want out of life as a direct result of underlying insecurities about their hair and not, as you have put it, the other way around... and thus we see the inner workings of a whole global industry! Wella is the devil! Tresemme is preying on the minds of the weak and plying them with the empty promises of perfect hair and all the glory it entails!

Revolution is the only way.

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