A Conversation for Proof of God's Non-Existence

Good argument... here's the 'but':

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I don't agree that infinity must include everything that exists (or that it's widely accepted that God is infinite for that matter, but that's a theological debate and is best left to those in the know).

My point is that infinity needn't include everything. For example, the area under the curve y = x^2 is infinite, yet I'd be awfully surprised to find a strawberry cheesecake lurking there.

My personal logical kick to God's immense crotch is as follows: Perfection cannot (pretty much by definition) beget imperfection; a perfect musician would never hit a bum note and a perfect painter never paint a bad picture etc. According to Christianity, the human race is imperfect and was created by God (who isn't). This means that God cannot exist as described in the Bible, and although this doesn't disprove his existance, it does deal a severe blow to a few of the arguments that insist that he does (Descartes' ontological argument, for example).

Good argument... here's the 'but':

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it would be good if I could find people who think as I do.
I am not an atheist.
I am not an agnostic.
I do not believe in god
I do not, not believe it god.
I don't think it matters whether god is there or not
we humans just go on screwing everything up
anyway. And we all find out the truth when we die!

Good argument... here's the 'but':

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spikefruit - {Master of All That Is Confusing and/or Irrelevant} (If I'm not on the Who's Online list, I'm not online.)

I know, this wasn't meant to be serious, I thought it up in five minutes during a dreadful fit of boredom.

Anyway, I believe anyone who believes in one ultimate creator is fine.

I believe God is perfect. If you think about it, perfection varies with whoever is dealing with it. If you want to paint a picture, and it comes out EXACTLY the way you wanted, isn't that perfect? So, if God is so great, than his creation would come out precisely how he envisioned it, without flaws. Thus, in God's eyes, the universe if perfect.

Good argument... here's the 'but':

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Edward the Bonobo - Gone.

If god is god is good but cannot stop evil, then he is not omnipotent.
If god can stop evil but choses not to, then he is malevolent
If god is able and willing to prevent evil - then where did evil come from?
If god is unable and unwilling to prevent evil - then why call him god.

(Epicurus, 341-271 BC)

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