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Purr in Boots

Aah, Pierrre... minichessMouse and I have known each otherr ffor ssome time. Sshe wass involved in a Holiday Panto, "The Motherr of All Goossess", back in 2003. https://www.h2g2.com/dna/h2g2/brunel/F107682?thread=232283 That'ss a link to the Pantomime prroduction, iff you'rre curriouss. It wass one of the besst parrticipation eventss I'd everr been parrt of...

10AXth Conversation at Lil's

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Purr in Boots

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...and to be ffairr, thiss iss actually the mosst ussefful link, as it prrovidess the lisst of all the Panto locationss.


Fforr yeowr rreading pleassurre...
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Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

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There was this thing that happened... about seven years ago. Quite a few of us Salonistas participated. It was desinged to be a 4th of July celebration (for the Americans) and a Pooh Sticks Competition (for those in the UK and other portions of Europe). The Thread can be found here: F38024?thread=8303156
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Things were moving along fine... up to a point. As sometimes happens, the thread lost steam and petered out. Folks lost interest in the mini-adventure, and the Pooh Sticks Competition never happened.
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That Thread was one of the last ones I was active on, before my (ex)spouse insisted I give up HooToo. I was accused of quite a number of malefeasances, including having an "online affair." None of it was true, but I relented and gave up participating in H2G2. This is the reason I've been gone from the site for seven years (as of this writing). In January of 2019, we divorced. I initially began including some details of all this in this Posting, but it droned on, so I have posted on my own space with the info. Don't read it if you abhor negativity.
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Where was I...?
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Oh, yeah...
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I've come back to HooToo, unfettered by the negative, accusative, hypocritical individual that caused me to give it up. While sifting through the old Threads I'd been involved in, I ran across the one listed above. It had saddened me to see the original adventure wither away. After several weeks of working with the H2G2 Moderators, I gained access again to several of my 'personas' that had gone fallow over the years. I took them on the adventure, revisiting the Beach, the Lifeguard Station, the Woods, and the Town Bridge... all in an effort to complete the Pooh Sticks Competition. We did... all of us. And we ducked into the Forum and Firkin for drinks and a bite, afterward, to celebrate that we'd brought the event to a close.
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Caiman raptor elk - Inside big box, thinking.

Hi B4, I have seen you around several times recently. Good to see you back. Luckily, my wife does not object to me being on Hootoo at all.

One of my troubles is that most of the times I think I encounter an interesting space outside the Post or forum (mostly because they are mentioned on other people's spaces), it appears to have died out years ago.

This thread may hold the answer to the question of life the universe and everything, just by ending on conversation page 42. (Unless this sparks fresh conversation, in which case I will be happy to take part)

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