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The Atelier Pie-Throwing BBQ and Pooh Stick Triathlon

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Blue-Eyed BiPedal BookWorm from Betelgeuse (aka B4[insertpunhere])

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{B4 circles round to look at each of his friends, then opens up by emoting and gesticulating as he talks...}
smiley - shrug
Now wait just a minute... Just because this little Pooh Sticks Competition has ended, doesn't mean y'all need to just disappear! I may have "won" the game, but that's...
smiley - blush
{He pauses, his voice catching, before he tries to press on.}
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I've probably told you guys this: "I find myself more often being lucky rather than good." Even today, that holds true.
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Look... I'm gonna a do a Bilbo Baggins kinda thing here... Like a Hobbit, I'm gonna have a celebration over my good fortune by sharing that small victory with a get-together over at the Forum & Firkin. Let's all go over and have a bite to drink... and just chat for a bit. We can all get to know each other better, swap stories, kibitz a bit, and ~then~ start filtering out to our respective lives...
smiley - magic
Whaddaya say? Are you all in...?

I'm going to take a liberty here, since all five personas here are mine, and I want to integrate them into a cohesive whole. So, I will let them speak in my posting, in there own way.

:: LARGE :: I'd be honored, Master B4, to join you in a small repast. How thick is your wallet?

^^ Gander ^^ Sounds pretty honkin' good to me. But NO breakfast meals. Usually done up with eggs, and... you know... that's just... >eeewww<

** Purr ** Grreat idea, maiy ffrriend! I wass going to bow out, as well, with the excusse of maiy Agent having anotherr Sstage engagement at the rready, but that would have been... well... Let'ss jusst ssay Aiy am all fforr cat.ching up with yeou morre ffully.

~~ El Squid ~~ Let us begin the walk to this taberna, shall we? A good bottle of Spanish vino with a carne y queso platter would hit the spot.

{As they begin moving toward town, El Squid draws closer and pulls B4 in to a conspiriatorial whisper.}

~~ El Squid ~~ I have to ask you something, mi Amigo... Back in my country, there are those who occasionally... how shall we say?... "ensure they suceder"... by setting up a situation so there is no hay posibilidad to lose. Did you do this for the game? You hosted. You won. Is this not suspicaz?

{{ B4 }} What...? NO...! I wouldn't do that. Dude! We've been together for a decade. Don't you know me any better than that? The outcome was a surprise to me, as well.

This is true. I debated long and hard, weighing the outcomes for each of the participants. It wasn't until the Gander swooped down into the water that I made my final decision. In my mind, this works. Everybody wins!

~~ El Squid ~~ I... Hmmm... Yes, I feel this is verosimilitud. You are the compaƱero de viaje that I know. Come! Let us enjoy...

smiley - biggrinsmiley - catsmiley - coolsmiley - canofwormssmiley - peacedove

{The scene pans back and we watch the group of friends amble toward the Town Square, each of them chatting and gesturing with great animation as they make their way to the next adventure...}

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The Atelier Pie-Throwing BBQ and Pooh Stick Triathlon

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