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106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

*a key turns in a lock downstairs*

*footsteps would be heard on the stairs if anyone was there yet to hear them*

*Lil enters from the foyer and looks around. Replastering and repainting has been done after the wiring was redone, curtains and rugs have all been cleaned, the floors have been sanded and re-polished, furniture has been reupholstered, throw pillows re-covered, and the salon sparkles like new*

*Knowing that everyone is right behind her, Lil commences her customary opening speech*

Welcome back to the Atelier! If you are new to these parts, please have a read of A304354, our forum page, and acquaint yourself with who we are and how things work in our corner of the hootoo world. We usually begin with a reprise of the previous conversation but this is an exceptional occasion and I don't want us to commence life in a new dimension by seeming too clicque-ish. We're not even racing to the forum this time because I know you all are not transferring en masse, so no FTTF this time, either.

Salonistas will find everything recognizable but refurbished except for the following changes;
smiley - spacesmiley - spacea new lock is in place on the linen closet;
smiley - spacesmiley - spacethe planet workshop has been remade into a zero-G lounge;
smiley - spacesmiley - spacethe crisper drawer rift is gone along with the old fridge, a move which seems to have claimed the presence of two CLI bots;
smiley - spacesmiley - spacewireless access has been implemented throughout the atelier;
smiley - spacesmiley - spacethere are new things in the tech lab of which your hostess knows little. Ask Marv or Phil;
smiley - spacesmiley - spacea barrier has been installed on the Ffordean Rift in the library, which can be crossed only on authorization from your hostess, or from Hypatia, chief librarian, or from the other librarians -- David B and Agapanthus;
smiley - spacesmiley - spacewe have converted some of the rooms surrounding the exhibition area to guest rooms.
smiley - tea
But it's still the same place. And this is the same h2g2, and we are the same salonistas, I think. I hope we see new faces in the days to come.

The same guidelines still apply: we are what we are because we observe netiquette in all things, and the rules of Continuity in all other things. smiley - silly

Matina has been in the kitchen, making it her own, and cinnamon buns and mbougatses will be available shortly. Chloe has become our IIEM guru and installed it without incident, and the samovar has been disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and polished. Let there be rejoicing in the galaxy for h2g2 lives on, and so do our traditions of good conversation, original thought and stimulating discussion.

Please make yourselves at home!

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Well, hello! smiley - smiley

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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I had a chance of being first to forum for once.

But I was first to website. Getting 'transfer number 1' really brought home that we had successfully saved h2g2.

I feel smug for now.

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Magwitch - My name is Mags and I am funky.

*plumps up cushions*

*sits down*

A holiday is very nice, but it's good to be home smiley - zen

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Dang, I'd have come back into the room earlier if I'd known that people were here. *sits down tentatively on one of the red velvet sofas, then relaxes* Ah, memory foam!

The gardenerbot has turned most of the conservatory over to vegetables. Have you ever known ~anyone~ in the atelier to ask for kale or mangelwurzels?

Seems strange not to have the disclaimer at the bottom of the frame. And Tav must design a favicon as soon as possible. smiley - artist

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Mr. Dreadful - But really I'm not actually your friend, but I am...

We made it! I think a nice cup of smiley - tea is in order.

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Welcome back, Mr. D. You'll have to make do with samovar tea until Bluebottle returns. Did anyone see him at the transit lounge, incidentally? I can't remember now. I've been in more fora and mailing lists in the past fortnight than I can remember.

And we actually do have a very cool favicon which my browser cache was ignoring.

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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*Z collapses with a can of red bull, looking oddly slanty*

These italics are uncomfortable - I'm hoping to get back into my normal clothes once I can be sure that everything's set up. But now I'm tech support and moderation all rolled into one, so it's easier to stay in italics rather than logging in and out of different accounts.

What a day.

The highlight was helping Robbie Stamp get his U5 account back, and of course seeing so many people get in, and seeing what a lovely job the gurus were doing.

There was one Hairy Moment when we had to get everyone out of the site in a hurry.

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

I took a screen shot of Skype as it was happening. It was just like "Houston we have a problem." smiley - yikes We can put all these bits of memorabilia in a museum one day.

Would you like a cup of tea? The days must be getting shorter quite rapidly now in your part of the planet.

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Witty Moniker

*Witty arrives in the salon, still somewhat disheveled and dragging her rolling cases behind her. She allows Chloe to take them to one of the guest rooms.*

Did everyone have a nice trip? smiley - smiley

Lil, there's something different about you.

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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The days are getting shorter rapidly, though the clocks haven't gone back yet. In a way it's sad that I've spent the last few good walking weekends on h2g2 - or catching up on work I hadn't done because of h2g2.

But on the other hand we didn't get closed on the 31st of August. smiley - somersault

I'm going to feel smug for now..

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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*helps self to coffee*

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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You're only feeling smug because you can't see the swathes of duct tape that I've used to hold this thing together.

I'm wondering if the new branding giving a nod to Starship Titanic was such a good idea.

smiley - rose

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

Post 14

Rev Nick - dead man walking (mostly)

' quietly slips in and away to a corner with a really strong coffee, black, no shake or stir ... And notices new slanty names about ... '

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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The current italics are transitionary while we sort out user permissions. Sledgehammer for walnut and all that smiley - winkeye

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Yeah I want to get rid of these as soon as I can.

Ok It was pretty darn exciting at first. But you can't just be you if you're an italic.

I can't make a sarcastic joke about moderators and smiley - cheese..

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Rev Nick - dead man walking (mostly)

You can always drop me a joke or a hee-hee about slanties. And ANY day, cheeses are welcome. I do like 'em of all ages and vintages

The site is coming around and your (you and that innumerable troupe) is coming into it's own. Yeah, I know, people are on the towers and watching for breaches and crumbling. I think most folk will take a little time and wait for them code-folks to settle it again

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

Post 18


*prods the walls to check sturdiness*

The duct tape seems to be holding up ok, pastey.

Evening all. It's good to be back.

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

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Oh, good Bob, it's back! I'm back! It's back! In Alabaster! *Bursts into relieved tears*

106Xth Conversation Chez Lil

Post 20

aka Bel - A87832164

Oi you lot, stop being so talkative. I nearly missed the first LED. smiley - tongueincheek

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