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Good Doctor Zomnker (This must be Tuesday," said GDZ to himself, sinking low over his Dr. Pepper, "I never could get the hang of Tuesdays.")

New journal entry will be up soon.

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Santragenius V

[SG V]Monday mornings... smiley - erm

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kelli - ran 2 miles a day for 2012, aiming for the same for 2013

*stumbles in and flops down on a handy settee*

Morning all! Well that was a *fun* weekend! Wish it wasn't over, soooooo tempting to chuck a sickie - why do I have to be so darned professional? After giving notice of our marriage on friady afternoon J and I had a lovely evening pottering in the garden before settling down with a bottle of wine or two for the evening. Saturday was the occasion of my village's Regatta on the Thames and we spent a wonderful day wandering round the various food and beer tents, watching the frantic boat races and events unfold. After wandering around the classic car exhibition we got an icecream each and went back home to recover from the sun before going out for a chinese feast in the evening, stopping at the village pub on the way home. Sunday was a leisurely day of reading, pottering, drinking and a bbq.

It was lovely, like being on holiday! Made us realise just how much we need a break - it is a long time since we last had a good rest.

I am back on the diet wagon again after these few days of excess - I feel slightly sick and bloated but I'm glad I did it. Have got a lot of cravings satisfied and out of the way for a while again.

Didn't really switch on the tv over the weekend so caught up a bit with the news this morning. Was watching Frances, and the coverage of the end of the seige in Russia. My thoughts are with the people suffering from these disasters, be they natural or all too man-made smiley - sadface

smiley - puffk

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The news is almost unbearable to watch these days, with the trouble in Darfur too.

Had a nasty moment this morning when my PC decided not to start properly, had to make a support call to H as he drove into work. After retrying in safe mode, XP was more willing to comply. It has been crashing once a day at least. Asus Probe doesn't pick up any dramatic rises in temperature, but am going to order a couple of fans from Aria, one of which will be an extractor. I shall also see if No2 son can drop by sometime to check the whole thing over. H is a genius on networks and stuff, but No2 son really knows his way round hardware and XP.

Scorchio forecasted again for today.

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Titania (gone for lunch)


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Monday Morning all.
In my own little world it was a good weekend. Munchkin and Toccata came down and dressed up to go out and drink beer (all to do with the local town's victorian weekend). Lots of fun, especially the victorian melodrama by the local am-dram society. Lots of people dressed up and old fashioned things going on. Yesterday was a much easier day where kites were tried to be flown (no wind) and cakes were eaten (very nice). Last seen heading off into the sunset for their drive north in the little red car smiley - smiley

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Demon Drawer


There is an answer.

An answer to the question of has the 42nd post in all converstation.

But I will have to think about it.

It will take some time.

ie work was slow on Friday and today is Mondayso I'm busy as anything today.

smiley - devil

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Mornin' all.

I spent my weekend helping out at my Mum's Garden Open Day - baking a zillion cakes and then feeding the massed hordes of Middle England. We had my Mum, me, my sister, my fiance on washing-up duty, my littlest sister and her even younger friend. We didn't get to eat lunch, oh no, too busy. Some eejit had the bright idea that we could increase revenue by putting out more tables. Actually, we couldn't cope with the number of tables. One set of visitors - who admittedly had been waiting 20 minutes for their tea because we ran out of tea-pots and had to wait until someone else had finished - was rude to my littlest sister (only fifteen years old and doing her damndest in the face of severe dyslexia) and reduced her to floods of tears and she had to take an hour off to go and calm down and then, wisely, refused to do any more waitressing and made the drinks instead. The friend, who is thirteen, got left and right muddled up on the table plan and several orders got 'lost'. My not-so-little-sister and I were therefore on diplomatic duty. Sis had been keeping track of the till and the orders, but has a ten-month-old baby, who was in her Daddy's care but needs Mummy's specialised equipment before she'll settle to her nap, so Sis had to go off for an hour and deal with her. Chaos ensued. Mum cooked. I washed up until fiance volunteered, dished up and waitressed. By 6pm we were near tears with sore feet, sore backs, raw hands from the washing up, sore knees, half-starved and dehydrated. So we settled down to polish of the left-over cake.

Look, oh ye nice and reasonable salonistas, why why why do people get so rude and unkind? We are not a professional catering outfit, we all have other jobs, we cater for a dozen Open Days a year (my Mum's partner owns a very beautiful large garden and is a member of the RHS). The proceeds go to charity, the waitresses were very young, bless them, and we needn't be doing teas and lunches at all. Yes, some people had to wait 20 minutes for their order, and admittedly most people were very nice about it, but a few sarky or grumpy people can really spoil it and make everything so much harder.

Did have the joy of watching the bigger Sis win a moral victory over one woman who came to the kitchen to complain about the service and have all the above explained to them just while littler Sis was still weeping in the corner and Mum and fiance were discussing the teapot crisis. Hah!

Gosh I do ramble on, don't I? Feel free to skip me and just eat the left overs I've bought (ricotta cake, apricot cake, carrot cake, coffee and walnut cake, tomato and roast pepper soup, chocolate cake - sorry, no scones, we ran out).

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Send your little sister a belated smiley - hug will you Agapanthus? Tell her it isn't personal - that person would have said/done the same thing regardless of the person at the receiving end.

Crises happen even if you *are* a professional cook/waitress/whatever in the service business, and there will *always* be people who do their darndest to find a reason for complaining and - if they can't find any reason - they'll make one up!

Having w*rked as front office staff in a hotel in the past, you learnt to take complaints in a stride (like pouring water on a goose) - I once got yelled at for things that happened to this guest before he had even arrived at the hotel. Staying calm and professional and 'service-minded' and giving attention usually seems to calm most people (but not all) down...

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Santragenius V

And, interestingly enough - when things go wrong, as they will inevitably from time to time, as a customer you get far better treatment by acting reasonably than by shouting and smiley - bleeping.

Case: When I flew to China in Feb, the SAS plane was horribly overbooked. Eventually, I was bumped off for the first time ever (in itself a good record for 12-13 years of business travel). We were two people travelling - and after a quick powwow decided that if only one of us got on the plane, it should be my colleague as she had to get work started out there before I could get anything done.

So I went up to the desk and explained to the very flustered and hardworking SAS guy that we were two but if only one of us etc etc.

So, as a result all the shouting people were left to shout, my colleague got a business seat to Beijing and I got the mandatory vouchers for being bumped off and a nice "thanks for the help". Judging by booking order numbers, my colleague overtook about 15 people on the waiting list...

The shouting isn't even good for your bloodpressure... smiley - winkeye

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Well, quite. The nice American lady who said to me 'I can see you're run off your feet, but we have a train to catch soon. If you don't think you can get to us in a few minutes we may have to leave without - not that we blame you at all. You're clearly doing your best.'

Luckily we had got a teapot back and were able to give her her tea within a minute or two anyway, but for her I was prepared to run down the hill and 'borrow' a teapot from a neighbour. I wasn't prepared to do that for anyone else!

And she tipped me. I hope the rest of her holiday will be utterly fantastic.

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Demon Drawer


The question of who posted 42nd in each of the Atelier's thread.


There is?


13 Lil 1,4, 6, B, D, 12, 17, 27, 31, 52, 57, 58, 5B
11 Phil 3, 9, F, 11, 13, 15, 16, 19, 28, 3D, 46
6 Afgncaap5 20, 30, 32, smiley - dontpanic42smiley - towel, 45, 48
6 Titania 36, 3E, 51, 53, 65, 70
5 Marv the Grate 14, 1D, 44, 59, 6A
4 Ovine Assasin (AKA Babel 17) 5, A, 23, 25
4 Loonytunes 10, 18, 1A, 1E
4 Witty Moniker 26, 55, 6C, 6E
3 Mike A 7, C, E
3 Amy the Ant 22, 50, 6B
3 d’Elaphant 3B, 61, 63
3 logigus tracticus philosophicus 66, 67, 68
2 Courtesy38 8, 60
2 Styx the Rat 1B, 1F
2 Garius Lupus 1C, 35
2 The Overseer (AKA PC Tonks) 24, 33
2 Arlecchino 37, 3A
2 Gw7en 39, 3F
2 FG 47, 5A
2 Solnushka 54, 64
2 Z 5F, 69
1 Irving Washington 2
1 Odradek 21
1 Blad Bloke 34
1 Eatsmice 38
1 Caerwyn 3C
1 Solsbury 40
1 Uncle Heavy 41
1 Kristina the Falmenco Dancer 43
1 Whiskry 49
1 Not Spory 56
1 The Framer’s Wife 5C
1 Hypatia 5D
1 Montana Redhead 5E
1 Mr *Manda* 62
1 fatkelli 6D
1 B 6F


smiley - devil

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Santragenius V

smiley - applauseYet another achievement in conversation digging... DD - did you ever consider becoming an archaeologist? smiley - winkeye

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Demon Drawer

I do have a grade A O'Level in Archeaology smiley - smiley

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

smiley - biggrinNO i do like itsmiley - winkeyesince i joined this long running thread at 65/66 smiley - roflsee why it upset lil nowsmiley - winkeyethat i made post 42 my goal rather than post 1

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Sweden - world’s best country for wage-earners:

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Demon Drawer

OK Titania when can I move?

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Titania (gone for lunch)

I'm sure Ben can come up with loads of useful tips for foreigners planning to w*rk in Sweden...smiley - winkeye

I can't remember how long time she spent here, but it was several months

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Hope all of my fellow 'mercans have an enjoyable Labor Day.

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

*comes in bearing shishkebabs of tomato, shallots, chicken or beef, green peppers, and mushrooms, which she proceeds to lay on the grill*

Happy Labor Day to y'all as well!

I have heard from some of my friends who got through Frances, but they are now cowering at the prospect of Ivan.

If I have Post ltp honours more often than anyone else, it's very likely because I have been here longer than anyone else. And in the olden days we had much shorter threads.

It was 45 degrees F outside this morning! smiley - yikes I awoke to find both cats on the bed for the first time since spring.

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