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6BXth Conversation at Lil's

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

Welcome to the Atelier! If you haven't been here before, please take a moment to check A304354 -- there you'll find a lot about what we are, as well as a link that will take you to some backstory, illustrations and even a floor plan.

*Chloe steps forward holding a a quill ben set in a base of malachite with '6A' inlaid in opals* Thanks to Caerwynn who took on the scribing of the last conversation and provided your hostess with a comprehensive set of notes. I am as ever grateful to the cooperative spirit at the atelier. You all make it so easy to be a hostess!

Welcome to two new members! Penny Whistle and Regency Stripe joined us and have not only braved our notorious backlog but have had interesting thoughts to contribute. We were also happy to welcome Peripatetic Warrior Monk back from another one of his preaching missions.

And it was Hypatia's birthday. smiley - bubbly

With the celebration of the Fourth Anniversary of the Atelier in full swing we began with a marvellous banquet provided by Wolfgang. Marv wrote a beautiful poem, there were many eloquent toasts, and B4 entertained us with ‘Putting on the Ritz’, in spite of being in the process of spring-cleaning a nuclear reactor. If you need any help at all with cleaning your own reactor, please refer to Conversation 6A for detailed advice and helpful hints.

There were the usual quota of quizzes. Oddly, the majority of Salonistas would be Morpheus if they were a Greek god and their Inner Child would be aged 10. However, the "Which Variety of Cheese Are You" quiz provided too many varieties to list. Sol wanted to know who we would invite to dinner; salonistas' suggestions ranged from early history to the present day.

Lil helped to deliver kittens, but sadly they didn’t survive. But on a happier note she has cracked the postcard market in New Mexico and even sold one of her watercolors.

Amy smiley - ant is training, meanwhile, getting in shape to run enormous distances. She's Running for Life. Occasionally she takes Zeppo along.

Titania and Hati secured the Editors' Choice with their Snow Lantern entry A2408492 which included blobbed photos.

GDZ started a new job and has settled his children into a new life with him, and we all wish him every success.

Marv is moving to the foothills and away from what he has always called the Slum. GL is also on the move; we all got to see another virtual tour of his home and to see how much work he has put into its refurbishment. The ghost appears to have left.

MR is going to meet one of her personal heroes, Robert I Moore, a medieval historian.

The conversation flowed through many topics, including:-
moon- and sundogs;
violence in films;
photographing strangers
hidden cameras;
if God is an atheist and whether or not he has a sense of humour;
faith healing;
Feng Shui and the effect of sleeping with your feet to the door;
somehow mind over matter led to brewing beer;
hair and Witty’s description of double crowns resembling colliding galaxies;
computer games;
the Tichborne Claimant;
food -- sandwiches, curries, Italian, Chinese, Thai, fusions of the former and where to eat them;
forest fires.

And now, while we've been gathered here at our history review, Chloe has vacuumed, dusted and mopped, and Matina has set out fresh tea and coffee and cinnamon rolls. Please be welcome and make yourselves at home!

6BXth Conversation at Lil's

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6BXth Conversation at Lil's

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Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

*settles on the sofa*

Are we going to play a game this thread?

Once upon a time, there was

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

*Matina brings Egon an Irish coffee in a First-to-the-Forum mug*

Let the subject-header story begin!

To recap the rules:

1. if you don't want to contribute, just enter an ellipse in the subject line, viz: ...

2. Otherwise, add on to the story by finishing the previous sentence. If the previous header was the end of a sentence, you can start another.

3. There WILL be simulposts, so don't be offended if your contribution loses in the Darwinian scheme of things, or if you contribute to a branch of the story which withers away because of simulposting. I will do my best by all contributions when we create an end product.

4. No attempt may be made to END the story until the hostess indicates that it's time for a conclusion.

5. Have fun.

a rather strange

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*sips Irish coffee*

Something odd happened yesterday- after one of my customary pillocky painkiller-requiring injuries yesterday- I fell over while climbing steps and have bruised and grazed most of my left side, and injured my right knee and ankle as well.

Anyway, most people just walked straight past me, but one girl, a 19-year-old first year student, ran over to help me, helped me up, and gave me some water while I got my breath back. She then helped me get back to the library for a sit down, we had a chat, and we're going out for a drink tomorrow night.

Sometime clumsiness pays off...


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Amy the Ant - High Manzanilla of the Church of the Stuffed Olive

Hooray! smiley - boing


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logicus tracticus philosophicus

[ltp]smiley - footprints

A block of cheese

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

OK I am experiancing serious angst at work. Suggestions?

A block of cheese

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Hi everyone!

I haven't been here for awhile so just stopping in to say hello and stuff. smiley - smiley


A block of cheese

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Oh, and perhaps I could also shamelessly promote my hootoo friends photo album? smiley - blush I know that some of you are already in it but it would be lovely to see more of you there!


Please feel welcome to join us! smiley - smiley

It would be great to see you.


as it were, or is... perhaps was?

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was eaten.

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Hey All!

First, some friends and I are starting a science discussion group over at A2675469. We're going to be doing professional ideas, bouncing them around, but we welcome all ideas thoughts etc.

Second, before we drop excommunication, my Grandma was excommunicated b/c she married a divorced man. She became Lutheran as a result. That ties in very nicely with the idea that some posted about Lutheranism being almost identical to Catholicism (sp!?!)



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sorry to hear that marv. What's going on/wrong?

And the general consensus was

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Montana Redhead (now with letters)

Marv, is it the borg factor again, or something else?


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Mrs Zen

Guess what! One of my poems is Runner Up in a poetry competition!


The mouse rubbed his tum

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Carrying over from the previous conversation. I'm a dental health professional and was unhappy to hear that MR was upset after a visit to the dentist. I spend most of my life educating people about disease processes, particularly periodontal disease, and most of my patients are very receptive.
I suppose it's largely to do with how the information is given. I would certainly feel that I had failed if anyone left my surgery feeling negative or resentful and like to think I'm quite good at pitching things at an appropriate level.

and let out a satisfying belch, which was heard all the way in

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Sounds like you need anothe, less patronizing, dentist, MR.


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::nudges the letter "r" into her sentence::


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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Nah, it is not the BOrg this time. The problems are w/ co-workers and my complete loss of anything remotely resembling confidence in beign able to handle the job. This is a job that should be a cake walk to me. I am seriously considering ditching this job and getting a chump job pumping gas to tide me over till I can get my head straight again.

I have stressed myself otu to the point that I feel like it is last year at the Borg accnt of Das Vyrg.


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sounds like arrogant co-workers are getting you down. Welcome to MIT Marv. Just ignore em and keep working at it, and you'll get through.

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