A Conversation for The Saving The Galaxy Effort

Battle of the Two...

Post 661

Dizzy H. Muffin

[The Millenium Bug bursts out of Hyperdrive]

[YC] Well, here's The.

[The ship flies after the SDF]

Battle of the Two...

Post 662

Dizzy H. Muffin

Zarquon! I'm still mixed up with THAT!?

[YQ] The what?

[YC] The planet.

Battle of the Two...

Post 663

Chris Tonks

Actually, I had already described Lies, Mew...
> *The wormhole opens out just to the left of Lies, a large forest planet, which might just have Ewoks on it. Well, you never know.* <
...quite a few posts back...smiley - winkeye

Oh, and MaW, copying the CompreMatter creation process would breach 11.1.1 through to 11.1.4 on A432460. Just a warning...smiley - winkeye

*Inside the CompreMatter shield, the real Space Station Big C has already fired one of those Death Star like shots onto the main Morph ship. It splinters into innumerable pieces, and vanishes through the Dimensional Breach...*

[PCT2] Chris, that won't do you any good! you know you can beat the Morphs! You've always beaten them!
but what about beating me eh? You know very well that even you can't beat the Space Station Big C! It's the most advanced in the Known Universe!! You/I designed it so!

[Pr. C. Tonks] I'm not taking threats from you COMPIGRAM! You take orders from me, and me alone!

[PCT2] Ah, but I am you! We are completely identical!

*The real Professor fires another shot at some more of the minor Morph vessels, in anger at the suggestion of being the same as this evil incarnation of him...*

*The Space Station Big C-2 then fires its own destructive shot at the real SSBG, causing quite some damage to the left side of it - the Primary Labs!*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Argh! Computer! status report in the PrimLabs!

[The Primary Laboratories have been externally damaged. No vital equipment was harmed. Beginning transportation of equipment furhter into the Space Station...]

[Pr. C. Tonks] Damn you to the depths of Morphus!

*The real Prof fires another bolt, at the SSBG-2, but it it absorbed by the newly created forcefield around it...*

[Pr. C. Tonks] What!? How can you power that thing up whilst firing??

[PCT2] Bwuahaha! Not too bright as we thought we were now eh? He. He. He...

*Pr. C. Tonks looks out of his monitors and sees how the Morphs ships are clustering around the SSBG-2 lending their own power and forcefields to the evil Space Station's...*

Battle of the Two...

Post 664


I have no intention of the Former Supreme Counter of Cookies actually working out how to make a CompreMatter shield, but that doesn't stop him trying. He does suffer from curiosity, after all.

Battle of the Two...

Post 665

Mew (who is hovering in midair unless otherwise stated)


Battle of the Two...

Post 666

Dizzy H. Muffin

[YC] Okay, let's see if we can land!

[YQ] Careful! Remember what happened when we went to Wayland!

[YC] Yeah, yeah, but at least Lies won't have Noghri to greet us.

[The ship dives down, closer to the surface]

[YC] ... I hope.

Battle of the Two...

Post 667

Dizzy H. Muffin

[Eep! That was post 666!]

Battle of the Two...

Post 668

Chris Tonks

*The battle's raging on inside the CompreMatter shield...*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Computer! Engage Extensible Force Shere - push the Morphs ships together and crush them!

[PCT2] Pah! That won't work!

*The evil COMPIGRAM orders the same command, and an EFS (a barrier which expands outwards, pushing most things away from it) is formed outside the SSBG-2 anf the cluster of Morph ships. After some extension, the two shields clash together, and cancel each other out. They vanish...*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Right, Computer, power up the Ion Chargers, and set all turrets to that outlet. Aim on my personal command.

*The 15 year old flicks a switch on the weapons deck, and a touch-sensitive screen emerges underneath, where he places his hands, and fires at will through nervous impulses...*

[Ion Charges powered-up. Now rerouted to all main turrets. Aiming...]

*Chris fires off a shot directly at a smaller cluster of Morph ships, blocking way to the evil SSBG's Primary Defense Structure, a set of various pieces of equipment, deep inside the hull, so he'll need to fire a lot to get in there...*
*The Morph ships begin to break apart as the ionic bonds closest to the hit from the SSBG lose their energy and drift apart. He then fires a second shot, this time using the Matter Fragmenter (I-type), and all the bonds are broken. The SSBG-2 then powers up its own forceshield, and prevents any further ion or fragmenter shots.*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Computer, where is the GalArmy subdivision?

[The most recent contact with them was established not too long ago. They are currently heading back to San Beta on your order.]

[Pr. C. Tonks] OK then, deploy the automated surplus ships from the Hangars.

[Affirmative. Deploying. Preparing automated control systems as C.ompuT.er subserver...done. Deployment done. Awaiting tactical manouvre...]

*Pr. C. Tonks gives out the orders, and the GalArmy Space Fighters, along with a few Star Ships fly out of from the protection of the SSBG, and head towards the ship cluster...*

Battle of the Two...

Post 669


* The Former Supreme Counter of Cookies sees a gap in the crowd, darts his ship through it and sneaks into orbit of Lies *

* then he giggles a bit *

Battle of the Two...

Post 670

Chris Tonks

*One of the Morphs ships, evidently having taken over from the previous head of the fleet, summons the Space Station Big C-2...*

[Morph] Tonks! There are people getting onto Lies-s-s-s-s!! We've got to stop them getting the Gem!

[PCT2] Argh, screw the Gem - I want the real me dead first!

[Morph] No! The Gem has priority!

[PCT2] But I -- ARGH!!

*The Morphs seize control of the COMPIGRAM once more, and force him to deactivate the CompreMatter sphere...*

*Pr. C. Tonks in fact also sees this as a disadvantage to the battle, not wanting to get inocent people involved in a battle between the two most dangerous pieces of technology in this Known Universe. He attempts to recreate a CompreMatter shield, but is forced to recheck his reading as it fails to initiate...*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Wh- what's happened? Why isn't it working?
What!? The emitter's down?

*Another blast rocks the Space Station as the evil one fires a shot at the second CompreMatter Compression Emitter on the front of the 'station...*

[Pr. C. Tonks] No! Damn him!

*He sends the Space Station in a direct line towards the path between the evil SSBG, the Morphs, and the planet Lies, hoping to block the way through...*

[Pr. C. Tonks] You're not getting the Gem Morphs! I don't know what you're planning, but it's never good!

[Morph] Hehe...I think you'll find we arrrre getting all the Gems-s-s-s-s-s!!

*A large group of the Morph ships suddenly invert themselves into one another, and vanish...*
*The Professor looks around on his sensors for any readings of them, and then locates them on the surface of Lies!*

[Pr. C. Tonks] How the - ? My Inversal Displacement??!! THat's a prototype! How did they - ?

*He stops his trial of thought as the Space Station is fired at by the SSBG-2 again...*

Battle of the Two...

Post 671

Mew (who is hovering in midair unless otherwise stated)

[Cut to a brief shot of the Mews, surrounded by the remains of several Morphs, then cut back]

Battle of the Two...

Post 672


* cut to another brief shot of the Former Supreme Counter of Cookies laying into Morphs with an Evilsaber and a rather heavy-duty pistol-like weapon that fires short-lived quantum singularities *

Take that you horrible Morphs! I may be Evil, and you may be Evil, but we'll see whose the most Evil around here! Hahah!

Battle of the Two...

Post 673

Chris Tonks

*More of the Morph ships inversly displace themselves to somewhere else, and expose the group of Mews hiding behind them...*

The Mews have in fact got nothing to do with the Morphs...

A might also add how the Morphs themselves (they're all on their ships) work.
They are a race of aliens genetically modified from another race, a once peaceful race, who found Chris leaving Earth at the age of 5, and helped him get around the galaxy. Once the youth left them on his own expeditions, he discovered information about the testing of genetic modification on a large-scale basis. After years of research, he met the Morphs, a race whose origins were unknown, attacking another planet. He saved the planet, and commenced research into this mysterious and elusive race.
He eventually found their planet, imaginatively called Morphus, and discovered the tested-on corpses of some members of the race that had helped him out all those years ago. ever since then, and the wiping-out of most of the Morphs by himself, he has made an archenemy, a very deadly one. He keeps getting rid of them, but they always pop up again.
(All this stuff is going to be in my book, so I've got copyright on this tale...smiley - winkeye)
The Morphs are able to shape-shift into most forms they want. Their molecular density is so high, that they can in fact be easily identified as imposters mingled among most races. Their normal shape is similar to the race they were mutated from, only they are purple, not green. They're horrible and blobby, and look quite lizard-like to the face (again, no similarities with the Krylma Leader intended). They carry weapons, fairly simple-looking rods, which they sweep out in front of them, and each time a lifeform other than a Morph enters range of the rod, it fires automatically. This is what makes them one of the best marksraces in the Known Universe.
They can, in their normal form, which they use for combat, simply morph down to the floor as a blob of, well, purple goo really, They blob along the floor, up walls, and can jump considerable distances in this form. Being hit by a Morph in their blob form results in very fatal injuries.

Again, anyone who has played the games 'Flashback' or 'Fade To Black' from Delphine Software will know these little critters...

*Eventually all the Morph ships displace themselves to various areas of the solar system, and all that's left in the area above Lies are the two Space Station, a small fleet of GalArmy Star Fighters and Star Ships, and a group of Mews, who can't get into any of the aforementioned...*
*Oh, and the FSCoC, but he must have been in his ship, because he couldn't have gotten into one of the Morph ships...*

Battle of the Two...

Post 674

Dizzy H. Muffin

[YC] Where's the Esirpretne?

[YQ] Dunno.

[Link] Maybe they got lost.

[Nerfal] Not bloody likely. This is their forum.

Battle of the Two...

Post 675


* The Former Supreme Counter of Cookies emerges, sweat-drenched, from one of the Semi-Dramatic Climax's twenty-six holographic training rooms, where he was practising against a computer simulation of what the morphs might be like to fight, based on sensor data gleaned during the conflict. Mopping his face with a towel, he checks the sensor displays that appear in the air around him as he walks *

All the morphs gone? Why, that's most odd. But not entirely unwelcome.

* He changes course to the Evilporter room to go down to the surface of Lies. Without warning, a vertical slash of light appears in front of him, almost immediately widening into a hole in the air, showing a view of a nondescript room somewhere vaguely Earth-like. There is a woman stepping through, and she hesitates momentarily before entering the corridor fully. The hole closes up behind her, and she stands, fingering an ivory bracelet on her wrist, as she regards the Former Supreme Counter of Cookies *

FSCoC: What are you doing here? Get off my ship!

Woman: I don't think so. This place looks... fascinating. I think I shall enjoy myself here.

* The Former Supreme Counter of Cookies activates his Evilsaber. No sooner has he done so that it is plucked out of his hand and sent flying far down the corridor, but not distant enough that it can vapourise without his notice. Snarling, he launches himself at her throat. Surprise flares briefly in her eyes, but only briefly, and then the Former Supreme Counter of Cookies is flung backwards, skidding and sliding down the corridor like a rag doll. As he comes to a halt, a cylinder of air so dense it looks like glass forms around him, from the corridor floor to the ceiling. The woman nods. *

Woman: That should keep you out of the way for a while. Now I wonder what's going on on this planet beneath us, hmm?

* she makes another gateway, this one leading to the surface of Lies, and steps through, he heel just clearing it as it closes. In the corridor, the Former Supreme Counter of Cookies pulls out one of his many weapons and sets to work on the cylinder that imprisons him *

Battle of the Two...

Post 676

William H. Gates XLII, the universe's most evil asthmatic, a.k.a. "Vlad the Inhaler" (Evil Peet)

[Esirpretne, 10 forward]
* One of the Vlads orders yet another round, and wonders why the barman keeps looking in the mirror.

"I wonder if the battle is over yet?"

Battle of the Two...

Post 677


*Affy hacks his way through the forest. He comes out, and stares into a meadow. He checks his wristwatch for readings, and heads off in the direction of energy patterns similar to that of the Miribalis Gems*

Battle of the Two...

Post 678

Chris Tonks

*At the edge of the clearing, one of the Morph ships comes out of inversal displacement, and lands by some sort of temple-like building...*
*Where the Gem is!*

*Up on the real Space Station, the young genius detects the Morph ship's landing on Lies.*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Oh no! They'll get the Gem! Computer, take over full automatic control of the 'station - keep it in offense until something happens to the second Space Station.

[Yes Sir. Autocontrol enabled.]

*Pr. C. Tonks runs for the lifts to the hangars, where the real Smallcy is waiting. Once down there, he climbs aboard, flies out, and sends it downwards to Lies, where one of the Morph ships has landed...*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Right, Watch, we're going to have to resort to old tactics here, like the old days. I want you set to maximum Morph-busting efficiency - let's burn these momma's!

{Affirmative Sir. Regulating M-Gelectron power to appropriate subsystems...done.}

*If a Watch could feel good about anything, it does now - it secretly loves what used to be done to Morphs...*
*After a short while, the Smallcy lands in the forest, and the Professor gets out, locks it up, and runs towards the Morphs' landing site.*

{Beep. Activating motion and lifeform detectors. Two Morphs located near temple entrance...}

*Pr. C. Tonks walks around the side of the ship, presses his back against the side, hand on Watch ready to fire, and sidesteps along the side until he reaches the end. The takes a moment to breath, and then leaps out from behind the Morph ship, firing at the two guards by the temple entrance. The one is killed instantly, but the other one morphs downwards and proceeds to blob along the floor towards Pr. C. Tonks. It morphs up to see how close he is to him, and then Chris fires again, killing the Morph.*
*With no time to waste at all, as the alarm must have been raised, he runs into the temple. He attempts to cloak himself, but something stops his Watch from performing that function. Maybe the Gem?*
*After a while, he spots a group of Morphs transporting a large piece of machinery towards the centre of the temple, where the Gem must be.*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Too many to take on at once...Watch, dispatch probes, and take care of them.

{Can't Sir - you set me not to cheat.}

[Pr. C. Tonks] What?

{You wanted the full feeling of killing the Morphs yourself, like those years ago. Dispatching probes or cloaking defeats the object of it.}

[Pr. C. Tonks] What!? Oh hell. Well it'll take too long to sort you out here and now - I'll press on...

*He takes a side corridor, killing a couple of Morphs lurking in the shadows. He walks slowly past an internal window, through which, from this corridor, he can see into the central chamber. The group of Morphs unload the equipment from a hovercarrier, and move it towards where the Gem is held.*
*The centre of the central chamber of the temple is a large round stone. On it is a stone stand, square at the top, with two spikes coming out of the top. A beam of blue light flits along the space between the tips of the two spikes, and the Gem is suspended in the middle. The only way to remove the Gem from here is to deactivate the beam. The large piece of equipment seems to want to take care of that...*

{Pr. C. Tonks] Right then, how many Morphs?

{Six in the central chamber, Sir.}

[Pr. C. Tonks] Guards nearby?

{Affirmative. Two in the main corridor leading here, and one in each of the subcorridors leading off the central chamber.}

[Pr. C. Tonks] OK, how do you reckon our chances are against this many in one go?

{Not high. Let's go.}

[Pr. C. Tonks] Hehe, OK, let's do this!

*He teleports out of the corridor and into the central chamber, behind the pedestal with the Gem floating above it. The Morphs drop the equipment, and turn to face him, their funny electrorod things at hand. The Professor, now in quite a good mood about all this, leaps out from behind the pedestal, and takes a couple of shots, which are sustained by his shield. He fires back rapidly, killing three of the Morphs. There are now 7 in the room, as the 3 ones remain and the 4 from the corridors enter.*
*Pr. C. tonks teleports behind them all, and kills another two, really getting into the swing of things. He teleports back behind the pedestal, the Morphs foolishly shooting at it, and turns on some music from his favorite Earth-game, 'Flashback'.*
*He charges up a very nice beauty of a shot, and jumps out again from where he was hiding. He lets the shot loose - right at the equipment!*

[Pr. C. Tonks] There! That'll do it!

*The Morphs look on in terror as their equipment begins to spark and malfunction. Being a generator of sorts, with enough power to break the bond holding the Gem, it would of course create quite an explosion. The Morphs know this, and morph down, and blob along the floor as fast as they can. Some of the more sensible one jump onto the cieling, and climb up out of the skylight there.*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Ah. This isn't too good then is it Watch? Activate Hyper-Movement! I've got a fun idea!

*The GalaGroup Overseer, not caring what happens to the Gem in this explosion as long as it doesn't fall into Morphs hands (or goo, rather), steps into the very centre of the room, ontop of the pedestal, and times his jump. Just as the machinery reaches critical stage, the Professor turns all fizzy blue and white (as it is with Hyper-Movement) and leaps directly up, out of the temple.*
*The machinery detonates, and Chris gets an absolutely amazing view of a temple being destroyed. He sails very high up in the air, and begins to come down again just as the explosion ends, and the smoke clears. He falls down really fast, his green jacket flying in the wind. He lands, safely, on the unharmed pedestal. He looks around, and sees the walls of the temple in ruins, and the Morph ship leaving Lies' atmosphere.*

{Pr. C. Tonks] Fools, they didn't need all that! If only Morphs did their homework...

*He steps around the pedestal, kneels down, and presses an 'Off' switch underneath the square stone. The beam deactivates, and the Gem floats to the floor.*
*Pr. C. Tonks picks up the Gem, and materialises it into his Watch, where most deffinatly only he can get it it (for the usual reasons - you know, CompreMatter inside Watch, Dimensional Barriers, the lot...).*
*He walks out of what used to be the temple entrance, and looks around.*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Right then, who shall I give this to then?

Ah, my posts are a good read, don't you think? smiley - winkeye

The Two Stooges

Post 679

William H. Gates XLII, the universe's most evil asthmatic, a.k.a. "Vlad the Inhaler" (Evil Peet)

Ah. This is obviously some strange usage of the word "good" that I wasn't previously aware of. smiley - erm

Battle of the Two...

Post 680

Chris Tonks

C'mon, what's wrong with them then?

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