A Conversation for The Saving The Galaxy Effort


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Sad, Mad or Bad? - I always wanted to be a dino, but alas, I'm just old.

The MAB nods wisely at the MewMech's destruction and says "Waiting is simply allowing time to pass."


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*Affy looks up. He appears to be in a huge, crystaline chamber*

Oh, great. Now I'm stuck in this gem. Hey! Can someone get me outta here??

*Feels some intense shaking as Stars blows up*

Oh, great. I should've known this would happen.

*Affy feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around to see the robot*

Oh, it's you again. What do you want?

My current mission with you is almost done. I will send you back in time so that you will be able to rejoin your friends. But know this, you have a long journey. But I will allow you to take the Miribalis Gem.

*Affy shakes his head in humor*

I've gotta admit, you're definitely the friendliest pan-dimensional being I've ever met.


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I though there was a rule that forbade time travel in this universe to avoid Affy going back and getting all the Mirablis Gems instantly.


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Chris Tonks

Erm, there was...erm...
Well sort of. The basic principal was that none of us were allowed to use time travel as a big advantage over the others. But since Affy only got out of the Gem this way, it doesn't make too much difference...

BTW, could you guys wait a bit until the confrontation with PCT2? I'm a bit busy in RL tonight, and I'll have to wait until tomorrow...smiley - sadface


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Dizzy H. Muffin

[YC] [the way Don did in the Lost in Space movie] Um, the planet IS breaking up around us.

[YQ] I know, I know, I've got the gem here, hexahedron!

[Affy materializes]

[Mackenzie] Now, back to the Milky Way.

[Link] Preferably before this planet goes.

[Nerfal] In other words, LET'S GET OUTTA HERE AND STEP ON IT!

[The ship takes off. Once she is out of range of the planet, Stars explodes, asteroids flying everywhere]


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Peet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas, Eggcups-Spurtle-and-Spoonswinner, BBC Cheese Namer & Zaphodista)

[Out of nowhere, a small triangular ship appears in the debris field. It twists and swivels on its axis firing small glowing projectiles which break the aforementioned asteroids into small pieces. A second, saucer shaped ship darts past as the first ship fires a salvo at it. This unexplained event has absolutely nothing to do with the current plot.]


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YK, you don't have the gem right now. Remember that thing with a second me showing up already carrying the Gem? That's what this is. The gem I was trapped in was the gem I was carrying before, and is currently behind the weapons console of the CLI Mini-UFO which is already hurtling through space towards the planet Lies. Sorry for the confusion. Anyway, as was pointed out earlier, we did agree not to use temporal travel to get the gems before anyone else, but I'd already done that, and, according to the laws of continuity, I had to account for that eventually. And that's what I did here by being inside the gem and having the robot show up.

I apologize for all of the chaos I've just caused, but continuity must be dealt with. Now, let us continue with YK and company on the Millenium Bug (I think that's right, right?), the FSCoC on his ship (sorry, can't remember the name), and me on the CLI Mini-UFO. Everyone else should be on the Esirpretne, right?


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I thought the FSCoC had scooped everyone and their ships up from Stars onto his ship and was taking them free of charge to Lies. Evidently not...

* The Former Supreme Counter of Cookies returns from the docking bay looking peeved off *

FSCoC: Computer! I thought you said they were all on board! None of them are! Computer?

* the computer screens are all white text on a blue background: Fatal Exception OE has occured. The Former Supreme Counter of Cookies kicks the control panel *

FSCoC: That's it! I've had it! Why they thought they could safely run Windows Millennium on this ship I do not know. [he produces something that looks like a DVD but holds about a billion times more information] I'm installing Linux on this baby!

* to be safe, he brings the Semi-Dramatic Finale out of the Jump Tunnel for the duration of the install. Using fdisk to wipe the Windows partition gives him particular pleasure as he begins to install his special customised distribution: Evil-Linux 7 *

Onward to Lies!

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They may very well be on your ship, I was just asking. Granted, Stars blowing up with you saving them would, invariably, involve the Millenium Bug getting temporarily destroyed. It could be salvaged, though. I'll let you decide what to do about that little tidbit of continuity seeing as I'm far away on the CLI Mini-UFO whether or not YK & Co. is with you.

*Affy finally managed to reach the gem. He did this by temporarily turning off the artificial gravity (a process that, due to safety regulations, usually takes a few hours to deal with), and moving the ship so that the gem would float into view. After grabbing it and placing it in his mini-trophy case, he turns the gravity back on. Then, as he continues his solitary trek across the galaxy, his sheep beeps, and enters hyperspace due to a difficulty that everyone else had forgotten to remember when zipping back and forth between the two Galaxies*

CUSTOMS AGENT-License and registration please.

*That's right. Affy is stuck on the border, dealing with customs*

Onward to Lies!

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I did deal with the problem. The FSCoC's computer misreported a successful rescue of everyone, so he didn't actually rescue anybody at all. That's why he's installing Linux at the moment.

* the FSCoC chooses lots of options from the list of packages to install, then hits the OK button. Installation begins. A few seconds later, it finishes successfully. Now the FSCoC has to go through the configuration files to make it work correctly with the ship's VGA card. *

Battle of the Two...

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Chris Tonks

*Meanwhile, back inside the CompreMatter shield over Lies...*

[PCT2] Goddamit C.ompuT.er! I told you to...

*...Several things have been happening. First of all, the Morph ship, hovering close to the Space Station Big C-2, has gone through a bit of a problem. It appeared that Vlad, or one of them at least, who was transported there off the Space Station had been able to use improbability t his advantage in some way. Well, that's the theory anyway, because the Morph's vessel did at some stage a short while ago lose its main power core to the outside void, as it suddenly teleported a few metres out of reach of its tractor beam to pull it back in. Just a bit odd,,,
*...Secondly, PCT2 has been having some slight managerial problems on his version of the Space Station. A short while ago, as the real Space Station began to get into range, the C.ompuT.er-2 stopped reacting to the COMPIGRAM's commands, and had somehow began to take emergency precautions, because it wasn't built to deal with two owners at once...*

*And this is what PCT2 is currently trying to sort out, as he is at the present time trying to get acces to the Restricted Areas, where he can access the main C.ompuT.er interface boards. Sadly enough for him, the door won't accept his ID, and even his Watch-2 can't interface with the system...*

[PCT2] To hell with this! Watch, just teleport me in.
{Negative Sir. You set it up yourself so no unauthorised teleporting may occur.}
[PCT2] But I'm authorising it!
{The C.ompuT.er does not aknowledge your authority.}
[PCT2] This can't be happening to me!

*Just then, a voice is heard over the PA of the Station...*


[PCT2] Argh! Me! I'm here now, heck...The C.ompuT.er must only be responding to the real me's commands!


[PCT2] God, I know that! You think I'd have just stayed here if I knew they were a danger!?


[PCT2] No they're not! They want to help me...


[Affirmative sir.]

[PCT2] I'm your Sir!!

*In the moment the C.ompuT.er-2 takes to send the requested transcripts to the real Pr. C. Tonks, it forgets entirely about ignoring PCT2, and open s the door to the Restricted Areas.*

[PCT2] Excellent! Now, where are those boards...

*He, obviously being under the influence of the Morphs (whose power is failing), begins to get a bit lost in this maze, and has to sit and look at a map on the wall...*

[PCT2] Why don't I know where anything is now? I've, I've lost memory...! Help! Watch-2, get me my memory, NOW!

{Sorry Sir. That is information only authorised for Pr. C. Tonks, no COMPIGRAMs.}

[PCT2] Argh!!

*Eventually, he does stumble into the main C.ompuT.er controls chamber, and his Watch does manage to help him flick the right switches.*

[PCT2] There Chris! You'll never stop us now! The C.ompuT.er is back under my control...*snigger...*

*Meanwhile, back outside the CompreMatter shield, other things have been happening. The real Space Station Big C has now emerged out of its wormhole, and is currently preparing for emergency CompreMatter disconnection. It is a Dimensional Rule that any object from a dimension has supersceding powers over the other version of it from a different dimension to the one it's in. This would mean that the real C.ompuT.er has control over the C.ompuT.er-2, from Dimension D;Y2.*
*Since Pr. C. Tonks' way of disengaging CompreMatter does not rely on where he is, he can take it apart using his way (which only works by him doing it) from the real SSBG, even if the CompreMatter was powered by the fake one. He can also disengage the Dimension Barrier, but not the Dimensional Breach...that's a localised thing...*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Great, I've got him now. Computer, prepare to disengage the Dimensional Barrier!
[Affirmative Sir. Preparing...done. Ready for immediate remote disengaging.]
[Pr. C. Tonks] Disengage!

*Beams emit from the Space Station's various turrets, and begin to place another field directly over the Dimensional Barrier. Once complete, this new force field begins to contract, and virtually internally smashed the Barrier, and the Space Station retracts all the energy, and puts it in storage...*

[PCT2] Wh-, what are you doing!? I, we need that! We, we can't let Affy and the others get the next Gem!


[PCT2] Because, because, my friends want it...

*The Morphs ship finally regains power from their subsystems, and opens a comm link...*

[Morph] Well, well. If it isn't the young Profes-s-s-s-or. I thought you wouldn't notice this little es-s-s-scapade we're putting on.

[Pr. C. Tonks] I'm fed up of your reimerging! Why don't you just go away!? I hate what you did to the race that found me, I hate the way you continued the experiments! You have no regard for other life!

Sorry guys, all the business with the experiments and the other race are going to be in my book...

[Morph] Well, now the Barrier's gone, we can run another little ex-x-x-xperiment! PCT2, begin the opening of another Breach!

[PCT2] Yes, I will...

*Another Breach is soon established infront of the Space Station Big C-2, and several more Morph ships begin pouring out from various other dimensions...*
*In a quick attempt to actually see wha's going on, Pr. C. Tonks performs his little trick, and the CompreMatter shield vanishes, giving way to the image of a hulking Space Station, the planet Lies, and several horribly blobby green ships, all of which must be dispatched by the real Space Station Big C...*

Battle of the Two...

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Chris Tonks

*Yeah! That's a hoopy posting eh? smiley - smiley*

Battle of the Two...

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Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, it /is/ a bit long. And as for the bit about the Gem, I have only this to say: D'OH!

Battle of the Two...

Post 654


* The Former Supreme Counter of Cookies finishes the Linux install and configuration just as the new Dimensional Breach is opened. The Semi-Dramatic Finale's computer detects the Breach on long-range sensors and notifies the FSCoC *

FSCoC: well let's go there then! Open a Jump Tunnel.

Computer: Please wait. Plotting Tunnel route... activating Tunnel generator... entering Tunnel. Time of arrival: five seconds. Four seconds. Three seconds. Two seconds. One second. Exiting Jump Tunnel... generator shutdown complete. Warning: hostile ships within weapons range.

* the FSCoC looks at the enormous holographic representation of local space and sees the Morph ships, half of which are now heading for the Semi-Dramatic Climax *

FSCoC: Computer! Activate plasma cannons and shields!

* he sits in the piloting seat and begins to put the mile-wide ship through manouvres a sparrow would balk at *

Battle of the Two...

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Chris Tonks

*On the real Space Station BIg C, the real Pr. C. Tonks opens a comm link to the FSCoC...*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Sorry, mate, this is my one. I'm taking out these Morphs by myself...

*He shuts off the comms channel, and enforces a CompreMatter shield around the soon-to-be-battle scene, excluding the Semi-Dramatic Finale.*

[Pr. C. Tonks] Morphs! COMPIGRAM! ...


*in a low, threatening voice...*

You're mine.

*The spins all the turrets on the Space Station towards the Space Station Big C-2, and powers up...*

Battle of the Two...

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Chris Tonks

Lies was not included in the CompreMatter shield...

Battle of the Two...

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* The Fomer Supreme Counter of Cookies doesn't mind being excluded from the battle. Firstly, he won't run the risk of getting killed, and secondly, he got to record the activation of a CompreMatter shield on the Semi-Dramatic Climax's rather keen sensors. He now begins to study the data intently, trying to work out how the things are made. *

Battle of the Two...

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*Suddenly, the CLI Mini-UFO blasts out of space, and hurtles past everyone. It makes an almost crash landing on Lies, after shooting a message at Tonks*

Two stations? I'm going to assume you're the real one now. Nice to see ya again!

*Can someone please describe what Lies looks like, please?*

Battle of the Two...

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Mew (who is hovering in midair unless otherwise stated)

[Perfect timing.]

[The northern half of Lies is entirely developed, like Coruscant. The southern half consist entirely of sandstone mountains. You'll have to figure out which one the Mews went to.]

Battle of the Two...

Post 660


Hmm... I wonder...

* The Former Supreme Counter of Cookies puts the Semi-Dramatic Finale into orbit around Lies, then Evilports down to the surface in the southern hemisphere where unusual concentrations of Mew-like energies have been detected *

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