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Kissing can be a lot of things. It can mean everything or nothing. It can be disgusting or beautiful. It can come from love or friendship. It can be a gesture or affection, or one of passion. It's something different for everyone.

Affectionate Kissing

Affectionate kissing is something almost everyone experiences from a very early age. It usually occurs among family members or close friends. Parents kiss their young children good night. In many cultures, an affectionate kiss is a common form of greeting.

Romantic Kissing

Many people experience their first romantic kiss in their teens or early 20s. Often it is the result of a dare or a game such as spin the bottle, and means nothing. However, it can be a wonderful experience. A kiss can express love, and caring for another person. Physically, there are two main types of kissing: close-mouthed kissing and open-mouthed, or french kissing. Close-mouthed kissing is simply two people touching their lips together. French kissing is when one person or both people have their tongues in the other person's mouth.

But What Does It Feel Like, Really?

Kissing is something that is really best explained by doing. Many people find the idea of putting their tongue in someone else’s mouth revolting until they’ve done it with the right person. Everyone's experience is unique and special.


Unlike most other forms of romantic expression, you cannot get pregnant or get STDs from kissing. You can, however, pass on colds and other bacterial infections. Also, watch out if you have braces. Someone could get cut, or, if you both have braces, they could get caught on eachother.*

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