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are you going to start it, or can anyone? also, for anyone who comes here and enjoys this, there is something similar at verticalpedal.com but it is really long, and hard to keep up with.It's like 6 years long.


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Ok, I created an entry called things you should read that will never be edited and this is the first thing on there. Anyway, I just re read it, and you said anyone can start. I think I might. May I make a suggestion? good, I think that if enough people add to this you should take them all and cut and paste and pout them together as the main entry. and do it every once and a while to make it easier for people who decide to add at a later date.

Carries ugly shirt.

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It was Carries first day in high school. Carrie had an ugly shirt. Carrie knew her shirt was ugly, but she didn't care. Other people told her that her shirt was ugly, and she explained her reasoning. "If I wear an ugly shirt and I still look beautiful, maybe people will realize how beautiful I am." most people just smiled and nodded, they thought Carrie was crazy.

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