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Aha! Ypu seem to have found the cunning combination of keys that allows you access to the second, secret scrolling message. well done, I hope you enjoyed hacking into the program (not many people press that particular combination of keys for no reason at all) even though the protection on that line was minimal. Well, you have earned yourself the right to a little story. Yes, that's right, a little story. And this little story is about a luminous pink hedgehog. Called Edmund. Are you sitting comfortable? Then I'll begin.

One day Edmund the luminous pink hedgehog was walking through the countryside. He met Eggbert the bouncing bunny rabbit. "Hellio, Eggbert," said Edmund. "Hello, Emdmund," said Eggbert. Then he met Billy the butterfly. "Hello, Billy," said Edmund. "Hello, Edmund," said Billy. As he toddled along a bit further, Edmund met Sally the Stoat. "Hello, Sally," said Edmund. "Hello, Edmund," said Sally. As he wondered past the brook, Edmund saw Freddy the fish. "Hello, Freddy," said Edmund. "Hello, Edmund," said Freddy. Then he walked along the street, where he noticed Cilla the cat. "Hello, Cilla," said Edmund. "Hello, Edmund," said Cilla. Then he crossed the road, and saw Cuthbert the car. "Hello, Cuthbert," said Edmund...(guess what happens next...) "Hello, Edmund," said Cuthbert, and trundled on, narrowly missing Edmund. Edmund went into the jungle, where he saw Michael the musk-rat. "Hello, Michael," said Edmund. "Hello, Edmund," said Michael. He wandered on abit. There he met Terry the toger. "Hello, Terry," said Edmund. "Hello, Edmund," said Terry. Then, deeper in the forest he met Roger the Rhino. "Hello, Roger," said Edmund. "Hello, Edmund," said Roger. As the approached the other side of the forest, Edmund came across Elizabeth the elephant, who had just got back from an all-night party. "Hello, Elizabeth," said Edmund. "Sod off you stupid little hedgehog" said Elizabeth and trod on him.

The moral of this story is: don't talk cheerfully to elephants with a hangover and a bad attitude problem. A cautionary tail for us all there, methinks. And now onto our next little item of interest, which is a small recipe for those of us interested in cookery.

-=-Flamed Major -=-

Ingedriants: One Major (Prime Minister for preference), several large onios, a pinch of salt and pepper, a slice of orange, the juice of one large lemon, a small hamburger.
Method: Roast the Major until it is done, slice open and remove innards, stuff in the onions, salt, lemon juice and orange peel, then slice well and boil for several weeks. Throw out of the window and eat the hamburger instead. Have a nice meal. And there, again, we must leave you. Au revoir!

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