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Top Nine Post Moments

Believe it or not the Post is nine! Scarily I've been on h2g2 for six of them now! Anyway, following on from Psycorps great idea, I have come up with my own list of top nine post moments, which are primarily in the order in which I came upon then, rather than the best - because frankly they're all brilliant!

1: Wowbagger's Tales of a Newbie

When Wowbagger's series of cartoons started, I was a newbie! And so it was a great introduction to the site, and its weird and wonderful ways! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite encapsulate the experience like these cartoons. Of course an honourable mention for all of his cartoons, including the h2g2 Life series, but Tales of a Newbie really was a significant moment on h2g2.

2: The CAC Continuum

It's hard for me to break down the CAC continuum in to any really specific moments, because it was a great way of rounding up people who were vaguely interested in writing and had posted random - if not entirely perfect (although I only speak about myself for that part smiley - ) - pieces. Over the years they had some fantastic pieces of writing and poetry, and I'm sure like me, a lot of people became involved in the post because of them, rescuing people from the AWW (pre-Underguide of course) and the flea market. They were the h2g2 Lone Gunmen of their day. ~ jwf ~, Deidzoeb, TonsilRevenge, and many many others - I salute you.

3: 24 lies a second

24 lies a second was a movie review column which would regularly provide in depth analysis of the latest things to hit the screen. I really enjoyed it, not because I always agreed with his summation, but that he had such a passion for it. Awix also deserves special mention for the sterling work he did for the post over the years that may not have always been obvious.

4: Meet Mr Inquisitor

Mr Inquisitor,like 24 lies a second was written and presented by Awix. Apart from actually appearing in it, I was always impressed by Awix's interviews which always proved to be entertaining, and revealing.

5: Sporting With Egon

Egon and then for a time his American counterpart - namely Several aka. Random (who is tragically no longer with us) - provided sterling sporting reports from around the globe. From football to cricket, to rugby and baseball, and much more besides. For four years I would regularly enjoy their reports.

6: The Evil Army of H2G2 cartoons

This may come a little from left of field, but I really thought it was fascinating that a h2g2 group would actually draw a cartoon of things going on in their somewhat fictional world! There a lots of great cartoons, but I felt this is what the spirit of the post was about. And I'd love to see more!

7: H2G2 Story Time

What a fantastic idea! A story published in the post that was written by whoever wanted to add to the thread. And huge credit to Clive the Flying Ostrich for overseeing and putting it all together. And it is still going on, even though it has been going for a long time. And I can only say I've had as much fun reading it, as I have adding my own contributions to it.

8: The h2g2 Presidential Election 2005

Okay I wasn't there for the previous h2g2 Presidential election, but this was a fascinating one. Not least because it was amidst a very turbulent time for the post - at which time I found myself right at the centre of the storm with a number of others in the post. But that aside this was a fascinating concept that did actually bring about a community leader - Hypatia, who still holds the position! Who replaced the previous (slightly less active, but nontheless marvellous) President Peregrin (fool of a took! smiley - )

9: The h2g2 AViators

And last, but most certainly not the least (quite the opposite infact), I bring us to the introduction of the h2g2 AViators commanded most fantastically by the one and only, current editor-in-chief of the post Skanyrich (or just Rich)! This is a project for which has few boundaries beyond our own imaginations, because it opens up new potential - not just for the post alone, but for the whole of h2g2. It unleashes the whole potential of the Internet on to h2g2 - which may be uncomfortable for some, but I truely believe that if it comes to fruition (and it has already started with quite some vigor) it will be spoken of for years to come... let the revolution continue!

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