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Dear Poet

Dear Poet I have read your poem 'magic'

To me it sounds just little tragic

This man must be a fool my dear

If he cannot whisper in your ear

And tell you this man, he is a fool

Maybe you should throw him in a pool

If you could oh Poet dear

Make a few things more clear

How does this man tease?

Could you tell us please?

If you would call on me

I would, dear poet answer thee

Dearest Poet if I knew I would tell

Even if it meant from others eyes I fell

If I knew I loved even a poet, you

I'd run all the way over so you wouldn't be blue

Once I was over I wouldn't jest or tease

but would ask dear poet marry me please

How could such a question he ask in jest

This man is the greatest pest

That I have ever seen

And possibly that has ever been

Marriage is a sacred thing

Is he even now laughing?

At first did he seem keen?

And now just plain mean?

He probably loves you

But I do not know, maybe it is so

One day you will have to decide

Whether to live or just hide

Dear little Poet

I feel like I owe it

To everyone here

To give this man a thick ear

I have a spell that might counter his spell

But the poor fellow will end up drowning in jello

smiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rose

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