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The New New blob

It occurs to me that I have now been on this site long enough that some of my previous offerings in the literary vain haven't been available to be depreciated by those who have come straggling in since I first became famous for what Deizoeb used to call my 'train of conch-shell-ness' typing exertioncises. Now, there are those who will say that the late-comers are well off to have missed my earlier effortlessness, and those who would say that anyone who has missed my jobs of workmanlike prosity and peversity haven't had the sleepless days that those who have have had had...

This is the place where someone has to remind me to care.

The New New blob

More reasons why the future of the Endlish language is severely threatened by it's own practitioners... and New Low German is gaining new converts all the time!:

1. 8:57 AM
Somebody's Mother! A tale of woe and stale donuts,
told in portables and ribalds.

Your Other Right Foot (appearing nightly without warning)

2. 9:57 AM
Camgirls and Avatarred and Feathered Chat Rooms; an examined life might be worth reading about, but...
Your Other Right Foot (appearing nightly without warning)

3. 10:57 AM
Pariahs without Partners, dedicated to the proposition that we must be doing something...together, separately...

Your Other Right Foot (appearing nightly without warning)

4. 11:57 AM
The Case of the Sauteed Sailor.
Your Other Right Foot (appearing nightly without warning)

The New New blob

The Escape Pod Dreams

(tonsil revenge)

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