A Conversation for Handy Polish Phrases

"No. I don't speak English."

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Edward the Bonobo - Gone.

I've often pondered over the uselessness of translations of this phrase. In my experience, it's much more useful to say it in English. A much more useful phrase would be "Sorry, I don't understand much Polish"

My only other comment is that the footnoted bits would be better put in brackets after the words.

Also...is stress important in Polish. I know that in Czech, stress is always on the first syllable, wheras in Russian it is highly variable. Correct stress does seem to be particularly important in language comprehension - as you'd appreciate if you'd ever heard an Italian giving a speech in word-perfect but improperly stressed English. You could indicate the stressed syllables either in bold or upper case.

"No. I don't speak English."

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Hmm, smiley - erm I don't quite understand this "I don't speak English" suggestion of yours since there is no such phrase in the entry. Could you explain again?smiley - smiley

But could you write your reply in the Peer Review Conversation forum? Just click the "Currently in *Peer Review*" link in the detail box of this entry (in alabaster at least on the right side of the screen), and you will end up in a thread that discusses this entry. smiley - ok

On the aforementioned thread I wrote that I'd rather keep the pronunciation examples hidden in the footnotes because they are so rough.

In the entry just before the phrases I mention that in Polish the stress is always on the second-to-last syllable. But is it difficult (for a beginner) divide the words into syllables?

Look forward to seeing you on the other thread!smiley - smiley

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