What has Terran been doing all this time on H2G2? - Part 1, First Steps

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Well What have I been doing? Well procrastinating mostly. I've been here for 5 years! When did that happen? Blinkin hell! Flippedly whatsits thats a long time to be on an Internet community. And it only seems like yesterday that I joined.

So why did I join? Well I joined in the middle of a procrastination - sounds painful doesn't it? It was lunch time. It twas work. And I had Internet access... perhaps the question should be how could I not find this place?

Well anyway I found it, and off the top of my head it was late August 2002 (I may well come back and edit this later for the exact date, but then again maybe not). It still hadn't been a whole year since the events of the 11th of September. Thats a scary thought. It had been 8 months since I'd broken up with my previous girlfriend - which I must have written on here about before, I certainly remember moaning a lot about it. Not necesarily on here but generally.

I think I got a sudden rush of adrenaline when I realised that real people were responding to me. That was kind of scary I think. I was a little overawed. And its only now seeing other people who have started with that same mad kind of "I need this h2g2 drug" look in their eyes (well those googly eye things you see in the forums) that I realise what that was like from the outside. And its nice to see in people. I remember sending, must have been literally dozens of messages to people, and many of whom replied. I think that was a buzz.

Okay so getting off the initial reaction, what have I been doing here? Well I was ACEd by a nice person called ViP (stands for Very important Princess, I never did find out if she actually was a princess... that would have been interesting - though I believe she went to University in Birmingham, so I'll assume all of todays Princesses go to University in Birmingham <winkeye>).

I met quite a few Americans. That was quite scary. Real life Americans, not ones from behind the fish bowls we call television. And they were talking to me? I remember one of the first things I asked about was how I could add to the mighty Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. That was something. I was in the middle of reading the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy at the time (well the Restaurant at the End of the Universe bit of it I think). And I thought how great it would be to contribute to the Guide. The real Guide. The one set up by Douglas Adams himself. I asked my ACE about this and she didn't really know much about adding to the Guide - which I thought was odd. She was quite happy to talk. I didn't really see the point in just talking on a site like this. Oh how things would change. I didn't realise what else there was other than the Edited Guide. So the first thing was to create a guide entry - and I did, on the most mad thing I could think of - Bookcases! I wrote the most surreal Hitchhikers Guide style entry I could think of, and submitted it to the Peer Review process! I was in! I had contributed! Woohoo!

People commented on my work. Mostly positive (which I probably should have been honoured about more, because not everything I've seen on PR has had mostly positive reviews). But... and the problem was it wasn't really what the Edited Guide was looking for - so I had to change it, carve it apart, make it more entry like - until finally it was ready. But it looked cold. I mean the people who helped me create it, made it great. And they were very nice. But it didn't feel like the same type of entry I wanted to write. This was when I first began (not all at once) to realise that this wasn't the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy of the books. And what I would later find absurd, is that it didn't want to be that Guide either... and so would start my search to find my place on h2g2.

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