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Bez (arguaby the finest figure of a man ever found wearing Bez's underwear) <underpants>

An estate agent dies and is sent to Hell. When he gets there he is greeted by the Devil, who explains to him that he has to choose his own punishment for all eternity. After many different and varied punisments, the man has yet to find one that he will agree to.

Satan takes the man before two doors and tells him that he must choose between the two, no ifs, no buts, just choose. The man opens the first door to see people floating, up to their necks in effluent. Every few seconds a wave rolls across splashing their faces. The man closes the door.

He opens the second door to find something simmilar, except in this room the stinking ooze only reaches up to the knees of the people standing in the room.

The devil turns to the man and says, "so which is it to be?". To which the man replies that he would very much rather the second room, if it's all the same to you. Satan agrees and leads the man into the room, introduces him to the others there and heads towards the door.

As he is about to leave, the devil turns and says, "break time's over. Everybody back on their heads."

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