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Sitting in the front seat of my sports car with Dolly was a real pleasurable experience. I have never had such an exciting drive. I could choose to watch the road or her two long silky legs covered in nothing but a very short and upwardly mobile skirt.

I couldn’t make up my mind. I knew that I had a major commitment to the road, but those legs were difficult to ignore, especially as I knew where they led to but hadn’t a clue to where the road led to.

I got out the road map, and as I was looking at it, trying to work out where the hell I was, I thought to myself, I wonder what sort of map comes with those legs, a lot simpler to follow I bet.

Anyhow, legs apart, I continued with my map reading, slapped myself a few times on the face and started to concentrate on the road.

It was difficult, I knew those legs were still there and had to use all my will power to stop me looking down, I even tried to avoid left turns.

I was doing fairly well, I hadn’t had a look for at least five minutes when something went wrong, my head automatically turned by it’s self, without the help of the brain, my eyes took a quick peek at those legs and before I knew it, bang, I went headfirst into a telegraph pole.

Luckily I wasn’t injured, just a few bruises. Dolly on the other hand wasn’t so lucky, the main impact was on her side and she was tangled up in the wreckage. I tried to pull her out but both her long legs were entangled.

By the time the ambulance arrived she was in a bad state and doctors said that unfortunately both her legs had to be amputated. When I heard this, I was very sad, those lovely legs, I offered the doctors any amount of cash if they could just save her legs, in the end both her legs were saved although sadly the doctors couldn’t attach them back onto her body.

I thanked them, wrapped up the legs, took them to a good embalmer and thought how lucky I was not to have lost those lovely legs forever.

After that experience I didn’t take Dolly driving very often, I mean, she wasn’t the same without her legs, besides she kept falling off the seat and rolling under the dashboard.

But don’t be sad for me. I always put her legs on the front seat of the car when I drive, although knowing that they do not lead anywhere does mean I can concentrate on the road.

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