Last Of The Summer Vino - Kids Christmas Lunch

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The food will be lovely this Christmas, mainly because neither me or my wife are cooking it. We have booked into a traditional Tuscan restaurant for our Christmas meal and both my children tell me that their stomachs have expressed great gratitude for this gesture of good will.

They were both a little worried when told that we would spend Christmas at home. But dad, who's going to cook lunch, is nanny going to send it via post, or will you or mummy be trying to do your best again.

We have nothing against antipodean sweat and sour Turkey followed by curried lasagne and dried figs but think that it isn't fair that you and mummy should have to do all that work, especially on Christmas Day!!

They scurried off and wrote a quick letter to Santa, asking him to change their roller skates for a decent Christmas Lunch..

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