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Recently I reported God’s move to my hilltop town. You all must be wondering how he is getting on. Well, apparently the house has been totally restructured although not everything is to his liking.

The architect overdone the religious murals, “if I wanted family portraits on the walls I could have done it cheaper and with more resemblance by putting up a few poster sized holiday snaps”.

He also criticized the Altar in the middle of his living room, I think he would have preferred a fireplace as it takes up much less space and is more functional during the cold winters.

The extremely long time it has taken to restructure the house has also annoyed him and the excuse that the builders mate owned a cottage near the sea which needed fixing up didn't hold.

He was also very unhappy with the enormous space reserved for entertaining visitors. “The room looks more like a basketball court than a homely lounge, I wasn’t planning to have all my relatives visit at once and the architects wild idea of having hundreds of strangers popping in to say hello every week does not grab me either.”

So anyhow, after some very heavy negotiations and one really scary threat; the Altar has been removed, the walls have now been painted a nice shade of white and the visitors room has been converted into a private studio with swimming pool.

All in record time and without the need of any contractual obligations.

So there you have it, hard work, good planning and the threat to create a new species of man can speed up house restoration.

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