Last Of The Summer Vino - The Economic Pied Piper

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Children are slowly disappearing from our village streets. Inauguration brass bands are being hired to clear the piazzas and economically viable grassed areas of this noisy ball kicking vermin.

As soon as the ePiper marches past their natural playing fields. Table legs, market stalls and picture holding easels invade the pitch and take possession for ever.

Every year the playing space for this ball kicking vermin diminishes, the ePiper’s ethnic cleansing has begun to take it’s toll. The ball kicking vermin is being forced to migrate so that more fat bottoms and even fatter wallets can sit sipping wine and eat pecorino cheese in total undisturbed vermin free silence.

But as in the tale, soon the foolish townsfolk will regret this short sighted economic growth vision.
A town without children, can you imagine such a place, would you want come to such a gloomy place.

Maybe the cheerfulness, energy and vivacity of the so called ball kicking vermin they are trying so hard to eliminate is the reason why so many pink freckly bottoms are drinking wine here today.

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