Last Of The Summer Vino - The piazza is moving house

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Private parties are becoming more popular, we have always had them but not to such an extent, this year it was virtually impossible to sit in your local with a few friends without some alien popping in with a great big grin on their face making all sorts of stupid statements, Ciaooo my name is Johndoe, I come from far away, I speak very slowly, I want to be friend, I come in peace, can I quiz you on local knowledge for the next six hours, where can I park my spacewagon, it is at moments like this that you begin to understand why Captain Kirk never managed to find a planet where he didn’t get into a fight, as they say in Italy after a while even the toughest balls can be broken. So take-off and don’t break my balls captain.

Anyhow all this to try and explain why I think there were more private parties this year, the local people from the piazza have moved to other less popular locations. These events can be held anywhere, in a garden, a field, on top of a mountain the only rule is don’t tell the aliens how to get there, hence use Italian organisational and timing methods.

PS: Italians are not disorganised, events always start just a few seconds before they arrive, if two Italians meet they are never late and have never been waiting long, as Enzo Ferrari used to say, why come early if we are always first. I believe that these “time and organisational habits” are a polite natural defence mechanism, bit like the spines on a hedgehog. Londoners and Parisians have the same sort of problem, try asking the same questions to them in a busy tube station at nine o’clock in the morning.

Answers in a sealed brown envelope placed high on a shelf out of children’s reach

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