Last Of The Summer Vino - Geographically Underweight

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Where have all the fatties gone. Wondering around town yesterday I suddenly became aware of a lack of bulging stomachs, chubby cheeks, double watermelon bottoms and tree trunk legs.

They were all skinny or at least not fat. Must be the hills, people around here go up and down some very steep hills at least three or four times a day, thus burning off the fat or maybe the hills are too tough for the fatties and they all moved to a flatter part of the country.

This second theory seems the most logical, in fact the last time I went to a Lucca (a flat town) I saw lots of kilos walking around.

So there you have it, I live in an area which is geographically unfriendly to fatties.. Oh well I'd better start the diet tomorrow, I quite like it here and don't really want to move.

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