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Any non-American who has watched American Television will no doubt be aware of the state that such programmes are in. It is then no surprise that the organisation calling itself "America's Finest News Source" is not in the business of television, but rather print, and, for the more technologically ept News-Fans, THE INTERNET, at the address

It is encouraging that one News source has finally found a method of delivering it's news and facts that is unslanted and unbiased in it's publications. It does this in an ingenius fashion: It has no facts to bias.

Yes, shocking as it may appear, 97.2% of information given in it's fine storytelling is just that: Made up, just like this statistic. With Headlines such as "73% of U.S. Livestock Show Signs Of Clinical Depression", and "U.N. Orders Wonka To Submit To Chocolate Factory Inspections", who could believe that these stories are not coming features on CNN? Along with Opinion Pieces, Polls, Horoscopes, and News in Brief ("Riverboat Horseracing Fails Utterly", 7-Year-Old Loses Respect For Shrek After Seeing Him In Burger King Commercial,") the Onion seems to provide the perfect retreat from the gaining of actual knowledge.

For more of this un-knowledge, is as good a place as any to start.

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