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Just before the "at."

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Reginalda Hatbox

Pet grammatical peeve: People who say, "Where's it at?" I try not to reply, "Just before the "at," you illiterate, backwoods word poacher.

Just before the "at."

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There's this South African tourist in London. He stops an English man and asks him: "Excuse me Sir, but where's Big Ben at?"
The English man immediatly frowns and rather acidly replies:
"Do not end a sentence with at!"
So the South African thinks for a moment, then says:
"Where's Big Ben at, poes"

Please remember that English for most, is only a second language - so get of your soapbox and live a little!

Just before the "at."

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I have to say, a lot more people would subscribe to this kind of a web site, if it wasn't for being worried about criticism from those who seem to think they have a superior command of the English language!

smiley - cross

Just before the "at."

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That told him, and quite right too! smiley - biggrin

Just before the "at."

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But of course..he`s probably long gone!

smiley - winkeye

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