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wooo i cant tell you how surprised i am to find anything bdsm-related on a bbc-hosted website. Wow I am impressed. Loverly poem by the way, and yes (me being in the lifestyle too) I understand and can fully appreciate every word. Its a shame this subject is not discussed more openly currently (Feb 2005) but I think this may change in the future. But, seeing as no-one else has added/discussed this piece; Heres some of mine for people to read to add to the understanding (hopefully). To add a more personal viewpoint. This is a collection of writings of mine that describe my experiences so far:

End of night someone did say
Shame you going without any play
Into what? questioning accrued
Bondage particularly, t'was persued

Into rope harness pulled by Two
Strands left what should we do
Tie to something; My reply
Least I know now I'm not shy

Led to post of choosing by Her
May I have chair, She said No ooh err
Seeing me looking for something more
He said What we do now is..., ...an opening door

Blindfolded I squared a stance
Blessed what ensued; a dance
Whiplash of leather upon my person
I'll be back, that is for certain

(Entered for fun competition - had to be 100 words)

Lament of a submissive
With every swish and every thwack,
every twitch at every crack,
In quietly contented subdued hapiness
my soul may cry.

Shall every twinge at every pause,
every truss and every torse,
Permit that in perfectly beautiful free prowess
may your spirit fly.

(I wrote this as a challenge had been set by a Domme to test my understanding)
One was struck from the Earth too soon
Just His luck; the jealous moon
But find His mate he did at once
Whisked Her away to where'er whence

A sultry dream became a spell
And subdued spirit came to quell
Then became a blissfull peace
She fell in love with eternal ease

She half each year dwelt in acquiesce
Without the fears of wanton happiness
Cried no tears for nothing missed
Alied no lears; her soul was kissed

Occasion contracted stated thus
Abrasion extracted that She must
And gratify much to Her disgust
To satisfy such Her mother's lust

(This is about Prosperine/Proserpine - a greek character also discussed and illustrated by Dante - ooh yes holistics is rife in this lifestyle)

(This came about from a chat in an IRC room and developed in to a performance piece)
Oh my dear sweet fair mistress
Why are you being such a Bitch?
I've streightened neat this matress
You seem to suggest there's a glitch

Well my little submissive
There's things you won't understand
I seem a little abusive
Because it swings forth my demand

Though n'er would I want to refuse You
I'm sure that you know how I dote
It's just I don't like to amuse Two
I'd always lose out on the vote

I see now your worries my darling
Be assured that it's just You and Me
My aim was to be more startling
A game, I see it worked Tee Hee

New Beginnings
So the submissive has been cast astray
As the relationship just didn't work out
Then the collar is taken back and put away

Dominant then gets to the point where
One can look at the necklet there and see
Now the same token layed out bare

Given now to doting sub who may accept then
One who had it before no longer deserves it
T'was handed back and is now there to give again

That's why it mustn't be destroyed
All the love that was given is still in it
Give it to another to fill the void

And on giving again the sub is recieving
Such lost love that was missed for so long
Kindling givers heart and soul to healing

Bonded Decision, Devoted Soul, Spiritual Mantra (BD,DS,SM)
*NOTE*-actually BD= Bondage/Discipline, DS=Domination/Submission, SM=Sadism/Masochism
That strong emotion you feel
about people who want to demure
That feeling you get when you come across hustle
bustle and rush at your door

That feeling is your fate
Do not try to turn it to hate

You must not supress it
That feeling is sorrow
With love you caress it

For what you see, for what you hear
For what you feel, for what you fear

That sorrow it is your strength
Strength because you're a spiritual channel
You project your emotions to others
And they feel your sorrow as love.

Yes, another 100-words prose

So did I drift off in to this sleep
Though fully awake,the feelings deep
Could I submit to my wanting soul
Would I give in to Her; Leaving hold

No I did not and know not quite why
Distanced my bond though oh how trite shy
Tarried and subdued almost every approach
Denied what ensued any proper reproach

Fear was the thing thus inspired my doubt
Hearing each sting thrust required a shout
Worry and weariness; fear of my health
Glorious happiness?; queer though my stealth

So now I'm left with nothing 'cept regret
Oh how I wish that the challenge I'd met
Only now I see haplessness is gone
Wholely how I plea hopelessness be gone

Doomed as I thought as I cried my plea aloud
Soon though help was offered me from the crowd
What pure joy I had as I went and gave again
That assurance at last, my cry was not in vain

BDSM poetry

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Hello imdwhisper

Thank You for those, I have not read them all yet, but will do so soon. It's late, and I really should be in bed.

I very rarely visit this site, so I apologise for the delaying in replying to you.

hope to chat to you again. smiley - smiley

Foxy smiley - handcuffs

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