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im on a night shift, working for the govenment (shhh) and im sat in a cold park, watching a target, with my wifi laptop for company. Ive just lost my MOH:Airbourn game to the wondeful AI invention and given up. My Targets brushing his teeth at this monet in time, wonderful, of course this isnt true, im only lying to see how many people actually read this, tho the night shift part is true <ok>

While normal 9-5 workerholics are getting up, ill be settling into my bed for a day of sleep. No doubt ill end up being woken up by my little V6 laying on my chest at 12 (my Purring Cat) (BTW!) Any way, sleeping is hard enough, with out my cat making things worse!

Anyway, summened to make tea, (argh) and most proberly a bit of countdown that starts in 55minutes on channel 4 (i think)

ill be making my sluggish move to the kitchen


to i say good morning or good night, what do you think??????

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