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Simulated war?

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Yes I remember the days of behind-the-neighborhood paintball. But not ALL paintball is simulated warfare. In fact, MOST of paintball is played in a style called "speedball". In this the field is about 50 yards long, and about 25 yards wide with an asymmetrical bunker setup. In this three, five, to even ten person teams work plays, communicate, and operate all in one objective. Quite like football. This objective is to get the flag in the center of the field to the opposite side. More points are earned for eliminations though. Paintball is far from war. The only similarity between paintball markers and real guns is the trigger and barrel. This is only because it is the most logical way of handheld propulsion. Markers are pneumatic, or electro/pneumatic. Guns are fired by explosions of black powder behind a lethal projectile. The most emphasized part of paintball is SAFETY; quite unlike war because the main objective is to kill the enemy. Paintball is a sport based on safety, team work, and good sportsmanship, not a fantasized war.

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Simulated war?

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