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this captured the DIY experience completely, i can attest to from ohio, several time zones away. the knuckle-busting, the impossible two-handed angles and obscure threading and tools involved in assembly, and the zen-like state one needs assume in attempting to return purchased goods is all too true.
we would refer to said store as 'DUI' (driving under the influence) and have been recently blessed by another similar store we call 'home despot' which continues this fine tradition.
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Brilliant !

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Indeed!!!smiley - ok Kudos on a job well done sir. I myself just recently did the very station at which I sit, and came to the same conclusions. At 2:30am. With my signifigant other standing {but not helping of course} glaring over my shouldersmiley - headhurts. Makes one wish there was a returns desk for ungratful spouses. Anway, good luck in your future indeavers and please, write them down as this account has been most entertaining.smiley - smiley

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