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(Man’s only saviour against today’s Woman)
Modern women are very sophisticated, their bra burning liberation is complete, they have evolved into a new being. Man on the other hand has remained still, he has tried his best to thwart their progress and in so doing overlooked his own advancement, today’s Man is the same as Yesterday’s Man, whereas Today’s Woman is vastly different to Yesterday’s Woman.

Not having developed the new skills needed in dealing with today’s Woman, Man will have to adopt some drastic measures and accept major cultural changes if he wants to be able to deal with Woman without suffering to much himself.

A second husband or mate could be the answer. A single man is no match for Today’s Woman, so why not make things fair and even. Having to organize, keep track and cope with two men in her life will stretch her newly acquired skills and give Man just the breathing space needed so that he can retreat and reorganize without giving away to much ground.

At first this may seem to many a Man as a very drastic measure, Woman has always been regarded by Man as his very own personal property and trespassers would be shot on site. But I say that Man needs to take drastic action to deal with a drastic problem, if Man doesn’t act soon then his much cherished way of life will change forever.

So remove the electric cattle fence from your mind, open the drawbridge, burn those trespassers will be prosecuted signs and lets welcome a second husband into our lives so that we can regain our once cherished manly life style. If you don’t believe me then next time you go out count the number of colorful mixer drinks and low calorie health foods that are conquering the shelves and fridges of Man’s once sacred meeting places.

Yes, a second husband to help us out is the answer, between us we can keep today’s Woman busy, and off our backs for at least 50% of the time. Keeping her busy will also stop Woman from evolving further, hence protecting our children’s future.

I would suggest that Man does not go after other women with the extra time made available to him by the second husband, this is regarded by some strategists as a very clever counter attack by Woman.

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