Wallasey, Merseyside, UK

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The town of Wallasey is situated in the North West of England, across the River Mersey from the city of Liverpool. It is an exceedingly dull town, but like all very boring things it is also very safe, pleasant and secure

Some facts about Wallasey

  • The town contains 50,00 people. This makes it fairly large. However, upon asking a random British person if they have heard of Wallasey, they are more than likely not to have done. There does not seem to be a good reason for this, except that being on the end of peninsular makes the town very "out of the way".
  • The origin of the town's name is unsure of, but it is believed to derive from the name of the Celtic people who were originally settled there; the "Wallas". Another school of thought thinks that the Celts who lived nearby named the Anglo-Saxons who settled there "Wallas" as a term of insult.
  • The town has a lot of houses1.

Things to do in Wallasey

There is a common question which all visitors to Wallasey ask; "But what do people do here?" It is a fair question, because at first glance nothing really happens in the town. But the answers to this question are manifold2.

There really are things to do in Wallasey

  • You can go shopping in the attractive shopping centre or various shopping streets in the town
  • There are football pitches, tennis courts, cricket fields to use or visit.
  • There are many pubs in Wallasey, most of them good.
  • You can play chicken on the railway lines3.
  • You could get on a train and go somewhere infintely more interesting; Liverpool, or the numerous seaside towns nearby.
1This is not a joke; the ammount of houses in Wallasey compared to its amenities and its capacity to be interesting is staggering. It's like a collection of 50,000 people living in a lot of houses for no reason.2Okay, maybe not manifold, but there are at least 4 things to do3This is definitely not to be encouraged

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